No Sew Curtains

I don’t sew but I wish I did. My mom has made every one of my elaborate costumes as a child (all from scratch)! I took one class if you count Home Economics in High School. I know how to use a sewing machine but it’s just not my thing (maybe someday). For the boys playroom I wanted some fun curtains without the work of sewing.

I ordered the fabric I wanted online along with my supplies. this project was so easy and I did it all while the boys were napping. Once I decided how long I wanted my curtains and had all my fabric cutdown all I had to do was hem all the edges with peel and stick fabric fuse that comes in a roll from Hobby Lobby.

I would first measure how much fabric I wanted to fold over and then went over each edge with my iron. Now that all my edges are ironed down I just simply have to cut my fabric fuse down to size and place it between the fabric I pre-ironed. Now all I have to do is iron over the seam I created and the fabric fuse fuses both pieces of fabric together. I repeated this for every edge. On the ends where the  corners will be, I made an inwards cut so that I wouldn’t have to worry about bunched up fabric.

To hang them I used the hoops that have clips on them that can easily just clip to the fabric. The clips work great, however if you have young children who like to hang and pull on your curtains the fabric may be yanked from the hooks from time to time. This is such an easy and inexpensive project.



Custom Keepsake Shadow Box

One of the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant with twins was two pairs of adorable shoes with sugar skulls on them. I had decided that if one or both were girls I could add glitter or diamonds. I of course had two beautiful baby boys and didn’t have to change a thing.

Once they grew out of them, I just couldn’t let them go and wanted to display them in some way. I bought shadow boxes from Hobby Lobby (on sale of course) and spray painted each with a fun bright color. I lined the insides of the frame with burlap to give them a rustic feel and used a hot glue gun to adhere it. For the back of the each frame I chose scrapbooking paper with fun patterns.

Depending on what size frame you chose, you can really put anything in it. I went with a fairly small size so I only used a picture, their shoes and a wooden letter for the first letter in their name. I found the wooden letters at Michaels. There were only a few left but I managed to find the three I needed. I used a hot glue gun to attach the shoes and letters so that they would frame their pictures and then they were done.

This would be a great gift for friends/ family and you could customize them to match the babies room. You can do as little or as much as you want.

Waist Cincher Adventure

All the craze lately with celebs seems to be using waist cinchers. I have been very curious myself and decided to try them out for a little while and tell you my experience and what I thought. I first found a reputable looking site at a decent price (because I have three kids and can’t afford to pay $200+). I followed the sizing charts and according to my measurements I ordered a medium.

My current measurements are: waist 31 inches, hips 42.5

I have been curious about these for many reasons. Yes, they are said to make your waist smaller which is great and all but that is not my main reason and I don’t want to go to an extreme of pushing my organs all around. Eek! I’m not trying to be a Kardashian, they are fabulous and entertaining but that’s not my goal.

I have Diastasis Recti, which is a separation in my center abdominal muscles that causes my insides to push out through the opening (yuck, too much information I know). It not only makes me appear as though I am newly pregnant but causes me back pain and makes me clothes fit horribly, along with other issues. This is fairly common in many women for various reasons such as your frame, pregnant with large and multiple babies and many more. I happen to have a small frame, and had twins followed by a very large baby, so there you go. Here is a picture below so you know exactly what I am talking about:


I’m interested to see how the corset will help with these issues along with my modified exercises to target my abdominal separation. If you happen to have this you must be careful with the exercises you do because you could actually make it worse when you think it should be getting better. Check to see if you have Diastasis Recti.

It says to start out wearing the corset for only a few hours at a time and to build up to wearing it longer. Once you can wear it for 8 hours or so comfortably you can start using the next row of hooks.

WEEK 1: The first few times putting it on took a little bit of time. Start from the bottom and work your way up. For me it was easier to start around the smallest part of my waist and then I would pull it down as I went until all the clasps were hooked. After I take the corset off each time my midsection is a bi sweaty, so I know soothing is happening.

I have always had good posture but man this makes my posture instantly better and smooths out my stomach making my clothes fit better. It also helped me while doing my exercises for my diastasis recti. Hopefully it will help me to get those muscles back together. After several days of using it, I feel like a rock star and my back does not seem to be hurting as much!

After a week of using the corset, I can say that it’s pretty comfortable and has definitely helped my back. As for my diastatis recti, only time will tell. I even wore it to the gym one morning under my shirt with a tank top underneath and let me tell you, there was some major sweating going on! Now for the part that you are really wanting to know, did I lose any size on my waist? Surprisingly yes, I did. In the first week of wearing it, I lost 2 inches from the smallest part of my waist. Not bad, I guess. Here’s hoping for a change in my diastasis recti as well.

Baby Boy!

My little brother had a beautiful baby boy and I was so excited to help with any and every thing. Since I have three boys and still had everything of their’s, I naturally started packing everything up to send home with him. With a couple extra cribs hanging around I offered to re-do one for his new little bundle of joy and they accepted! Yippee!! All the furniture along with the crib was painted with a grey chalky paint (2 coats)from Lowe’s. Then I brushed over each piece with an antiquing wax. The wax is fairly simple to apply. You brush it on and then wipe it off.

I will say that if you are painting a crib, I would  use a clear wax over the entire piece to harden up the furniture and the keep the paint from chipping away. Babies do tend to chew on their cribs and I know from experience. This crib before I started, looked like a beaver attacked it so I had some major sanding to do before hand. The end result is Restoration Hardware-esque and I love it!


Now when I miss my little man, I know that he’s sleeping safe and sound in his adorable bed. Here he is sitting happily in his crib. I love him so!!



10 Summer Fun Water Activities

The Midwest heat during the summer is relentless and can sometimes make you want to stay inside. It’s just starting to heat up out there so be prepared this summer with a few fun and inexpensive actives for your kids. Cool down and enjoy that heat!


  1. Sponge Ball / One Charming Party
  2. Pool Noodle Sprinkler/ Ziggity Zoom
  3. Homemade Sprinklers / HomeSpun Threads
  4. Ice Cube Painting / Share and Remember
  5. Water gun and Water Balloon fights
  6. Soap Boat Races / I Heart Nap Time
  7. Water Balloon Piñata / Ziggity Zoom
  8. DIY Water Slide/ Happy Hooligans
  9. Tin Foil River and Mini Ice Boats / Reading Confetti
  10. Kiddie Car Wash/ Mom Endeavors

I know we will be trying a few of these this summer. What are some of your fun water activities for the summer?

Custom Sign

I have a plan to paint my kitchen cabinets but first I had to paint the walls so I can get the feel of what color will look best. In the process of painting the kitchen and searching on pinterest I decided I needed a custom sign above the cabinets. I have always hated having these sophets in the kitchen but now I found a way to make them less annoying.

I bought a 4ft x9″ board and did some distressing with a hammer to make it a little roughed up. I had wanted more of a rustic piece of wood but Lowe’s didn’t have what I was looking for. This will actually make it easier when painting the letters on. Then I applied two thin coats of stain, which only take an hour to fully dry. Make sure to stain the edges too. Then I white washed the wood with some white paint I had around the house. I would put a little paint on the end of the brush and dab off the excess on a paper towel. I did several passes until I got the look I was wanting.

While the paint was drying I started to work on the letters which did not exactly work out as planned. I originally purchase stencils at Hobby Lobby for the letters but they ended up being a little too big to fit my long last name so I had to improvise. I ended up making my letters to size on my computer and printing them out two at a time on regular printer paper. I then cut down the paper around the letters and decided to use an old method to transfer them. I held the paper against my window so I could see the printing through the back and scribbled over the edging of the letters with a pencil. Then I laid down the paper on the wood and traced around each letter. When tracing the letter over the wood, the pencil marks scribbled on the back of the paper transfer to the wood. So here you go, perfect outlines for letters. Of course you will want to lay out all of your letters on the wood before you start the outline to transfer them so that you can mark where each will go.

I then used a small round brush paint each letter.  I chose to use black paint to get the look I wanted and I just happen to have some extra black Chalky Paint in the basement. After the paint was dry I simply went over the letters with a piece of sand paper and distressed the areas I wanted and I was done. This project only cost me the price of the wood and the hardware to hang it with.

Not the greatest final photo but here it is…IMG_6795.JPG

My Umbrella

Did I mention, I love garage sales? Well I do. I found this solid wood umbrella at a garage sale years before I had my kids. I of course had always planned to re-do it and just finally got around to it. The wood is in great shape but the color is a little outdated. The fabric canopy has no holes or tears but it’s very faded as well.

After digging in my basement for eternity, I finally found it and decided I would stain the wood a much darker color. This was much more work than I anticipated but I got it done. It was a cold rainy day so I laid it out in my badly lit garage and started staining. Now you must learn from my mistakes. I knew I should be wearing gloves but couldn’t find any so I went without. Yes, I could have put the project off for a day or two and ran to the store when the boys woke up from their nap but that’s just not my style. I was determined to get it done and I paid for it. Yikes were my hands bad! Thankfully my Mr. has some tough hand cleaner just for these situations that got the majority off after about three scrubbings. my nails are a little stained still but thats all part of it I guess.


Anyways, I painted the stain on with a sponge brush in sections and then went around and wiped the excess stain off with a rag. I choose to use stain that dries in a hour so I can keep my projects moving along with very little wait time. After staining what I could see, I had to flip it over to get to the rest so I chose to wait a full night for it all to dry before sealing the entire piece with an outdoor wood sealant spray. This I was bale to do outside and it dried pretty quick. While the sealant was drying I spray painted the metal pieces I took off before staining. The metal was tarnished and a bad gold color so I chose to go with a dark hammered metal. I love the way the wood turned out and it will look even better once I paint my table and chairs. Now I must decide what to do with the fabric cover. It can not be dyed, believe me I have tried. Do I paint it or buy a new one? Well I put the striped faded canopy up and ugh, I hate it and painting it would take time and would cost three times more so I bought a new one and I love it. I also added some fun sparkling lights. One step closer to my outdoor oasis. Now you see what happens when I do one project and it turns into about five other projects. I’m sure I’m not the only one.