Personalize Your Space

The homes on tv and in the magazines are absolutely beautiful and I love to use them as inspiration for my own house. I also want my space to represent me and my family so I like  to add my own flair to it. For instance, I love Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), sugar skulls and all that it represents. I have found a way to work them into my decor here and there. I have a sugar skull cookie jar, candle holder, and even some decorative pillows. I also used a gold Halloween candy bowl as a plant holder. This look may not be for everyone but I love it. You should see my house in October, there are sugar skulls everywhere!



Oh and yes, the black and white picture above my couch says what you think it says. Like I mentioned in my About Me page, I cuss a little. Doesn’t that blank wall just drive you crazy? Trust me, I have plans for it! This room is still a work in progress.


Your house is where you can express yourself so why not have fun with it. Your space can still be nice and a little edgy at the same time.

Painted Stepping Stones

Another fun project that turned into finger / body painting in my house. I’m always checking the dollar section at Target in the front of the store. They always have the cutest things and kid crafts. I bought these stepping stones for each of the boys to paint for the garden. I was half tempted to paint a few myself (maybe next time).I already had paint and brushes so this was a fairly inexpensive project.


The kits came with small brushes and paint but I wanted them to be a bit more colorful so I  used some acrylic paint I already had. They started out so colorful but then they wanted to keep adding more and more paint so they ended up a little muddy. It’s a little hard to even tell whats on them but the boys had fun and that’s what matters.

When they were all dry I did clean up the edges a bit with some paint. I then used a gold paint pen I had left over from my C3PO Jewelry Tray to add accents here and there. Just enough so you could tell they were painted bugs. Afterwards, I sprayed them with a sealant so that the paint wouldn’t all wash off from the weather. Now I have cute little stepping stones to decorate my garden that were made by my little men.

That is Princes Leia, who just couldn’t stand to not be in every picture. She is probably searching for more weed block to dig. Oh and yes, I know I need to clean the leaves out of my rock garden and finish the edging up the steps (someday soon). There is just not enough time in the day.

Faux Wood Shelf Accents

We are turning this drab shelving into bright and fun shelves in what will be the boys playroom. I originally wanted to put wood behind the shelves on either side of the entertainment center as an accent and then decided to update the faux wood that is already behind the shelving. This not only saved some money but lots of time. I also painted the shelving white and created a little reading nook on one of the bottom cabinets.


The most extensive and laborous part was painting all of the shelves and cabinets white. Two coats and several months later I discovered that the paint I purchased was no good and would easily roll right off when wiped down. UGH! There will be many paint touch ups in my future (which is evident from the pictures) but the shelving is now perfect for my little guys and all of their toys and books.

For the reading nook, I removed the cabinet doors, cut out the front cross bar and added a little cushion for them to sit on.

For the wood grain backdrop, I simply brushed on the paint color of my choice and then went over it with water to tint the faux wood to the color I wanted.  I repeated this a few times until I was satisfied with the color. After it was all dry I placed the painted shelves in place and started adding toys. Now my boys have super cute shelves to hold all their treasures and a fun reading nook. The colorful cloth bins have held up pretty well but are in a little distress after being used as race cars, boats and everything else.


I know, you are thinking how dare I post this picture of clean and perfectly organized play room. If only you could see the mess behind me right now. I did some staging and had to pull things off shelves and move several toys out of view. With three boys, the only time the playroom is this clean is for the three minutes it takes them to run down the stairs after their nap (because I have just cleaned and organized it during their nap). Then it’s destruction all over again.

Festive Firework Art

This was a quick yet fun and festive project. I had seen this somewhere a while back and had been wanting to do this with the boys. With a house full of boys it was pretty easy to find empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I found all of the supplies around my house.


I cut slits into the sides of the cardboard rolls and fanned them out and they were ready to be dipped into paint to make fireworks! Yes, I used washable paint but still had the boys take off their clean clothes because we have enough laundry as it is. It was super easy for the boys and they had fun making fireworks paintings for family. So one of the boys wanted to make his picture for his Mimi and Papi, another for Uncle Dallas and Aunt Lindsay and last but not least… for himself. Ha! These kids make me smile.

So usually any painting project in my house turns into finger painting for at least one of the boys…


No Sew Curtains

I don’t sew but I wish I did. My mom has made every one of my elaborate costumes as a child (all from scratch)! I took one class if you count Home Economics in High School. I know how to use a sewing machine but it’s just not my thing (maybe someday). For the boys playroom I wanted some fun curtains without the work of sewing.

I ordered the fabric I wanted online along with my supplies. this project was so easy and I did it all while the boys were napping. Once I decided how long I wanted my curtains and had all my fabric cutdown all I had to do was hem all the edges with peel and stick fabric fuse that comes in a roll from Hobby Lobby.

I would first measure how much fabric I wanted to fold over and then went over each edge with my iron. Now that all my edges are ironed down I just simply have to cut my fabric fuse down to size and place it between the fabric I pre-ironed. Now all I have to do is iron over the seam I created and the fabric fuse fuses both pieces of fabric together. I repeated this for every edge. On the ends where the  corners will be, I made an inwards cut so that I wouldn’t have to worry about bunched up fabric.

To hang them I used the hoops that have clips on them that can easily just clip to the fabric. The clips work great, however if you have young children who like to hang and pull on your curtains the fabric may be yanked from the hooks from time to time. This is such an easy and inexpensive project.



Custom Keepsake Shadow Box

One of the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant with twins was two pairs of adorable shoes with sugar skulls on them. I had decided that if one or both were girls I could add glitter or diamonds. I of course had two beautiful baby boys and didn’t have to change a thing.

Once they grew out of them, I just couldn’t let them go and wanted to display them in some way. I bought shadow boxes from Hobby Lobby (on sale of course) and spray painted each with a fun bright color. I lined the insides of the frame with burlap to give them a rustic feel and used a hot glue gun to adhere it. For the back of the each frame I chose scrapbooking paper with fun patterns.

Depending on what size frame you chose, you can really put anything in it. I went with a fairly small size so I only used a picture, their shoes and a wooden letter for the first letter in their name. I found the wooden letters at Michaels. There were only a few left but I managed to find the three I needed. I used a hot glue gun to attach the shoes and letters so that they would frame their pictures and then they were done.

This would be a great gift for friends/ family and you could customize them to match the babies room. You can do as little or as much as you want.

DIY C3PO Jewelry Tray

If you are new to crafting and DIY projects, I encourage you to check out Darby Smart. The have tons of materials and have project kits that you can purchase with all of the supplies needed along with directions. It’s great if you want to do something quickly and don’t want to go searching for supplies. I purchased a kit for this project from there but added my own twist to it. Here is the link to the kit if you want to make your own.

Why C3PO you ask? First off why not and second, my husband is constantly losing his wedding (I mean once a week), and he loves Star Wars. The kit included a gold Sakura paint pen that I love, super glue, a spray sealant, white ceramic tray and little plastic dinosaurs. We just so happened to have a tiny C3PO figure that the boys never really played with that I had to dig out of the abyss (their toy box).

I recently updated the decoration in our master with gold accents so this tray would fit in nicely with the other decor and be masculine enough for him to want to use it. Because what Star Wars loving man wouldn’t want a shiny golden C3PO to hold his wedding ring? I first used the gold paint pen to color the C3PO figure gold. Yes, I know he is already gold but I need my golds to match. Then I sprayed the figure with the sealant to keep the shiny gold from wearing off.

For the ceramic base, I used the paint pen to make a thin gold line on the top edge. I wanted it to be simple and as masculine as possible. This is where you have the freedom to add as much or as little gold as your heart desires. You could also get creative with the plastic figure or toy you choose to place on top. I then sprayed the ceramic dish with sealant as well before gluing the C3PO in place. Hopefully having a designated space for his ring will lessen the number of times it ends up lost. I also made one with a golden dinosaur for me.

Another plus to this project was that I fell in love with the golden paint pen and started using it to accent everything in my room that could use a little gold. If you have used this type of pen before, what did you use it for? I would love to know!