From Bite Marks to Beautiful!

I love love love our coffee table and turns out so did our puppy! I hate the chewing puppy stage! I now have several pieces that need some attention. Several of the corners have been gnawed on, now what to do? I will have to do a little more work to get those corners fixed and decided I would strip and re-do the entire table.

Yes, my basement is a lovely mess but not for long, I have plans for this disaster area too (try to ignore it for now). To remove the poly and stain I used Citristrip and I really liked it. There were no fumes and it was fairly easy to use. I painted it on then waited. After an hour or so I tested an area and scraped of the top layer with a plastic scraping tool. The poly I had put on the top a few years back was fighting me so I ended up scraping off the majority of the top and painting another layer of the Citristrip and let it sit over night before scraping it again. I used the Citristrip on a much smaller project and I only and to wait an hour before removing it so the wait time can differ from each project you do. When the stripper is ready to come off it has a fuzzy texture to it and comes of pretty easily. My one issue was removing it from groves and small detailed areas on the legs. I had to clean and sand it several times before i got it all off.

My next step is to make sure and get all of the stripping gel off the furniture with mineral spirits. When I stain I want to be sure there are no poly pieces left so that I have even coverage. Once I have it all cleaned I will sand the entire piece to smooth any rough edges and then address those chewed corners.


After sanding the table (lots and lots and lots of sanding), I decided I loved the raw wood as is so I just cleaned it up and clear coated the entire piece. The lighter wood lets the hardware stand out a little more too. For those chewed puppy edges, I was able to get away with just sanding all of the corners to look the same. I originally bought some poly to clear coat the table but for experimental purposes I chose to use a clear sealing wax to see how it works over raw wood. The sealing wax has a matte finish that would look good on the raw wood, so I decided to try it out. Fingers crossed it holds up. Here is my finished coffee table, finally upstairs again. Now to get the boys to remember its there when running through the house.



Mother’s Day Sign

After making the sign for my kitchen, my mom said she had to have one so naturally I made her one for Mother’s Day, along with a #shiplap shirt from Magnolia Market. Yes, this is very similar to the post I wrote with my kitchen sign but I painted the wood a little differently and actually like it better than the one I did for me. I also couldn’t post it before Mother’s Day and let my mom know what I was up to.

I used the same size board as mine, used a darker stain and then did a white wash of paint over the piece. All you need is white paint and a little water. Oh, yeah don’t forget some inspiring music and a tasty drink (I prefer an ice cold tea).  I let it sit for about a minute or so, then wiped it all off. Then I added a little more paint to the edges with a dry brush and wiped it off as well to get the look I wanted.


I laid out the text on my computer to be sure the letters fit perfectly, printed them out two at a time and then transferred them to the wood just as I did for my kitchen sign. I find it’s better to lay them all out where you want them first and mark the edges of the paper with a pencil so that you can place them exactly where you want them before transferring them.


After hand painting the letters with black paint, I distressed each letter along with the edges of the sign. For the final step I sprayed the entire sign with a satin sealant so it will last forever. Now to surprise my mom with her custom Mother’s Day present!

Now if only I could get my mom to send me a picture of the finished project in her kitchen. She is one busy mom!

DIY Abstract Art

This was such a fun project to do, especially since I had my boys help out. For this project, I absolutely had no plan as to what I wanted the finished piece to look like. The boys were bored one afternoon so I grabbed some old canvas, acrylic paint, brushes and headed out side. I knew that once they were done painting the color would be pretty muddy but would be a good base once the caked on paint tried. Now the base layer has lots of texture and movement. Oh and the boys loved it!


Look at those faces! My boys just love getting dirty and then getting hosed down. After several hours of drying I grabbed some left over spray paint and organically added some green around the edges and then accented with gold around the edge of the green.

After the spray paint dried, I brought everything inside to add a few more layers. I then decided to add a layer of a burgundy color that I had along with some jagged white brush strokes that followed the lines of the spray paint. I decided it needed more white accents. I painted the white on and then dipped my brush in water and swirled the brush while painting back over the white until I got the look I wanted. I did this until the white was washed out and used a paper towel to pat down any of the runs or excess water.

I like the look of it so far but doesn’t quite seem done yet. I decided to add some gold foil leafing to the gold areas to finish it off. I first put down some Mod Podge, then started adding the gold foil leaf. Once it was dry I lightly brushed off the excess before sealing it with another layer of Mod Podge.

Now its done and I just have to figure out where it should go or if I even have a wall free in my house. On to the next project!


Custom Storage Bins

The fabric bins in the boys playroom have seen better days and are ready for an upgrade. They have used them as boats, cars, hats and just about anything you could imagine. With three little ones, saving a little money here and there really helps. Also, I love creating things myself so why not?IMG_8645



My inspiration was these adorable bins at The Land of Nod. I love these, but at $12.95 per bin it will start to get costly as I need 6 bins. So I did a little searching and found a lot of 6 in a similar color on Amazon for less than $20. Now to add the numbers. Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.01.49 PM


My plan was to hand paint the numbers but in the sake of time I tried something a little different. I found this fabric spray paint at Hobby Lobby and decided to give it a go. I laid out my stencils, taped them down to keep them in place and protect them from overspray. The stencils are probably not the best for fabric as they don’t completely lay flat. As I sprayed I would hold down edges with my fingers so that the paint wouldn’t bleed under the edges. If you do this same method, I would recommend gloves. I could not find many font options in the stencils so I went with what I could find. For this reason I would have preferred to hand paint the numbers to get exactly what I wanted. They are not perfect, but turned out really cute! This would also look great on bright colors. You could really add anything, outlines of figures, objects, words or fun designs.


Yes, my two year old is only wearing underwear. These days we are lucky to get anything on him at all.🙂


Removing Moles with Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many uses and benefits of using apple cider vinegar, which you may have heard of. Here are more uses for Apple Cider Vinegar (some of which I still need to try). One, I know works for sure (removing raised moles). I did a test run on a few of different sizes and in different locations. If you are one of those people who doesn’t have any, good for you. I on the other hand are pretty much covered with them and have several that I would rather not have.


I soaked a small piece of cotton with the apple cider vinegar, placed it on each mole and covered with a band-aid over night. There wasn’t much of a change after the first night. After the second night the moles started to look clear and then started to scab over on the third and fourth nights (depending on size). I repeated this process until the mole was completely scabbed over and then let it heal. Its works best if you don’t skip nights in between. After the scab is gone it may be a little pink for a while but eventually goes away.


I was absolutely amazed when all of the moles I had applied the vinegar to were gone after the scabs were gone. I then just had a red area that went away a little more each day. it was so easy and pain free! Here is a picture of the area with very little scabbing left. The area is mostly red, but healing great. Every day it looks better and best of all, the mole is gone! The process really is amazing!


Patio Chairs

My chairs look a little rough and are in need of some attention! I headed to Lowes with the boys and had them help me choose what colors to use. So we of course ended up with green and teal (my favorites). For the paint I would recommend using an outdoor paint with a high gloss to it. Otherwise, the paint can quickly chip away form the weather.

I first wiped down each piece so that it was free of cob webs and any dirt, lightly sanded everything down and wiped them down before painting. With out a drop cloth my yard would look like a Jackson Pollock painting and I want to keep my grass alive. I bought 3 cans of each color just to be safe since I had little tables to paint as well. If you have any left, you can use it for touch ups when needed or for other pieces to accent your space. I painted the bottoms of each piece, then moved to the tops. I did all of this in one day and added a much needed pop of color to my back yard.

Personalize Your Space

The homes on tv and in the magazines are absolutely beautiful and I love to use them as inspiration for my own house. I also want my space to represent me and my family so I like  to add my own flair to it. For instance, I love Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), sugar skulls and all that it represents. I have found a way to work them into my decor here and there. I have a sugar skull cookie jar, candle holder, and even some decorative pillows. I also used a gold Halloween candy bowl as a plant holder. This look may not be for everyone but I love it. You should see my house in October, there are sugar skulls everywhere!



Oh and yes, the black and white picture above my couch says what you think it says. Like I mentioned in my About Me page, I cuss a little. Doesn’t that blank wall just drive you crazy? Trust me, I have plans for it! This room is still a work in progress.


Your house is where you can express yourself so why not have fun with it. Your space can still be nice and a little edgy at the same time.