Custom Tshirt

I recently saw a shirt online that said gangster wrapper and I knew I had to have it for this Christmas. After searching I couldn’t find one I liked and decided I would make one. It was so simple but took a little time. You can really make anything you can imagine.

All you will need:

Iron, freezer paper, sharpie, exact knife or scissors, fabric paint or fabric glitter and glue.

Once you have the design you want printed, simply trace your design on the freezer paper with a sharpie. You want the shiny side of the paper down since that is the side that will adhere to the fabric. I made my design on my computer and then printed it out but you can use any clip art online that you may find or even trace things out of a book.

Now that your design is on the freezer paper, you will need to cut around it to make the stencil. For more detailed designs you will want to use an exacto knife. For simpler designs you can get by with scissors. After your design is cut out place your stencil on your fabric (shiny side down). To adhere the stencil to your fabric, iron over the stencil for 5 to 10 seconds. Once it cools down you get to do the fun part. Add the glitter!!


Before you start painting or adding glitter you will want to be sure you have a piece of cardboard or something under the area you are covering so that it doesn’t bleed through to the back side of the shirt. I wanted my letters to be all glitter so I first painted on my glitter glue for fabric, then sprinkled my glitter over the top. You can use fabric paint if you don’t want glitter. I did this same thing on onesies for my friends baby shower and it was a big hit to have everyone create super cute baby clothes.

Once dry simply pull off the the stencil and your shirt is ready to wear! If you used glitter you will want to shake off the excess. You should do this in an area that will not drive your husband in to a glitter rage! 🙂 I touched up a few areas that didn’t fill in but I would say it turned out pretty good.




Hair Plopping??

What the hell is hair plopping and does it work? Im sure many of you have seen this around recently and were curious just as I was. I decided to waste my time so you wouldn’t have to. It is fairly simple and takes very little time. The outcome is supposed to be an easy way to get nice frizz free curly hair. Now my hair is not necessarily curly but has a natural wave to it.

Basically, after you get out of the shower and towel dry your hair you wrap it in a tshirt. Before wrapping my hair up I put in some hair products that I would use if I decided to go curly for the day. lay an old tshirt out flat on your bed with the sleeves closet to you. Then you bend over forward and pop your hair in the center of the shirt. With the sleeves now near your face, you put the bottom end of the shirt around the back of your neck. Then tie the sleeves in a knot on the back of your neck (like you might wear a bandana). Then wear it to bed and take off the next morning.

My hair takes forever to dry, so I am very skeptical and am expecting for my hair to be a big wet mess. I took a shower around 8:00, watched a little tv and then went to bed with this shirt around my head. My boys were looking at me like I was a crazy person.


When I woke up and removed the shirt this is what my hair looked like. It is by no means amazing as is but its not the huge wet mess I was expecting. My hair is still wet but as much as I expected with it being wrapped up all night.img_1712

I then put some texturizing sea salt spray in my hair that I bought at Target (sorry mom) and used my diffuser on low.


To my surprise, it actually worked pretty well and took much less time than if I were to try and achieve this look straight out of the shower. This is one of those test that I never expected to work and I was wrong. Not too bad for ver little effort! I will definitely be doing this again!



Soffet Eyesore No More!

While working on my bathroom I realized that something had to be done about the soffet above the sinks. It is such an eye sore. I had originally wanted to cover it with real wood but I did not have a saw at the time to do the job. One day it all came together when I saw these peel and stick tiles that looked like wood planks. They would go perfectly with the nautical theme in my bathroom and I could easily cover the unsightly soffet in just a few minutes. This was so easy and I did it all while my boys were napping!


To be sure they would not come down, I used a strong quick drying adhesive. I cut down each piece with a box knife as I went along and placed them staggered to look more like real wood. These peel and stick ties are great and could be used for so many things.


Now I must decide if I am going to continue the peel and stick planks on the bottom of the soffet. If I do, there will be more work involved. The lights drive me crazy and I would have to move them so that they are centered over the sinks and mirrors and replace them as well. What to do? My head says yes it needs to be done. What do you think, should I add the planks to the bottom as well?

Painted Metal Signs

After painting my kitchen island the rest of my kitchen needs a little more color added. one night it hit me that I have some old metal decorative signs that I could paint like my island and hang in the kitchen, so I did. I generally keep any and all decor that I buy because at seem point it can be repainted and or repurposed. Here are the metal sign before I got a hold of them.


I then painted the teal color and each and then wiped off any excess for it to have a little more depth. If you were going for more of a rustic country look, white paint would look great on something like this.


After the paint was dry I painted on the black gel stain and then wiped away the excess once again. Make as many layers as you want. You may need to repeat the process a couple times to get what you want. This was super easy and quick and it saved me some money.


I let mine dry overnight and hung them the next day.


DIY Chevron Gold Foil Art

I guess yo could say that I am in love with gold foiling everything lately. I started by drawing my lines and then painted the sections with gold and boa acrylic paint. This was easy and quick. Then I added a layer of Mod Podge over the gold paint, sprinkled on some gold leaf and done! I did at least three layers of the gold leaf to get the chunky effect I was looking for and did one final layer of the Mod podge.In the end I decided that I liked the look of random gold leaf pieces in the black areas and added a little more. This was super easy and I love how it turned out.


Now for the GOLD!

My New Kitchen Island!!

My kitchen is nice but not exactly what I would pick if I had a choice. I have been wanting to change things up for a while now and decided to start with the island (yes, the tile is not great and not my favorite). This is where we eat a lot of our meals so it gets a lot of wear and tear. The light color of the cabinets has not really held up well to little feet, as you can see. It is also a little too boring for me.

Here is my inspiration: Absolutely beautiful!

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.26.30 PM.png

After bringing home swatches and deciding on the color, I cleaned the island and then lightly hand sanded it to ensure the paint would stick. The paint I used does not require you to sand the furniture first but I wanted to be sure it would stick, especially since these are fabricated wood cabinets.Then I removed all the doors, draws and masked down the edges. Now to paint!

This took two coats of paint and some touch ups. I used a small roller and brush to get in all the cracks. This is not a quick process that only takes a couple hours, there is a lot of drying time involved. Ot ensure your brushes and rollers don’t dry out and so you don’t have wash them out each time, just wrap them in saran wrap. It ensures that you can use your brushes all the way through a project.


Once all the paint was dry I started the fun part of the process (the gel stain). I used a black gel stain (wiping stain as they are now called).


I only needed one pass of this to get the look I was wanting and it was fairly easy to work with. I used a sponge brush with the stain and would go in sections, starting with any edges or creases first. I then would wipe down the section around the trim, wiping off any excess. I did the large flat areas last. You want to wipe in the direction of the grain, so for my cabinets I would wipe the cabinets from top to bottom. With the stain I figured out that if I had areas that seemed to be setting in quickly and not really wiping of I could add a little more stain on top and re wipe the area. to save your hands, I recommend using gloves while staining.

I am absolutely loving how my island looks with this color. Now for the final part in this process, I need to seal everything. Two coats of sealant and my Kitchen island will be complete. Except that I of course now have to paint my colorful stools black so they match the island.




Just a Little Sheet Magic

This is a little something that I was thinking about while changing the boys sheets this weekend. If you have ever purchased Pottery Barn sheets, you may have noticed that the patterns are printed upside down from the top of the sheet (this may be true on other brands as well). My boys all have them on their beds and if you put the sheet on with the thickest hem up top, like it should be the pattern is upside down.


I my self have never had a sheet with a pattern that needed to be in a certain direction but I have been making my own bed this way for years because it makes beds look nicer when made. If you turn the sheet upside down, where the pattern faces the mattress, you can then pull the comforter back and then fold back the sheet over the top to show the sheet pattern right side up. I do this with my bed just so the sheets can be an accent. You can pull them back at an angle like I have done here or do a straight fold across the top. Now Batman is seen right side up, as he should be!