Pop Art Zombie Make-up

Halloween is one my absolute favorite Holidays! Who doesn’t love dressing up as someone or something else for a day. When it comes to costumes I like to get creative and create a costume. Most of the time I will piece together something from my own clothes and then paint my face and do my hair to go along with it. My motto is “Go Big or Go Home.”

I found this amazing face painting tutorial on Pinterest of course (which I am addicted to). I have been painting my halloween make-up for years and I absolutely fell in love with this Mehron makeup. It was not at all dry, itchy and never cracked. This makeup has great colors and wears like a normal foundation and I highly recommend it to everyone. I was also able to do this exact make-up two times and still have plenty left over. If you want to be a Pop Art Zombie check it out and share your outcome. But, if your going to be a zombie, be a fabulous one.

Just a tip: For thin lines and details I use an inexpensive liquid eyeliner. It goes on smooth and wears comfortably.

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