Comic Book Wall

What boy doesn’t want to be surrounded by super hero’s? My twins are obsessed with them. So when it came time to update their room from what used to be the nursery, I had to do something fun. I had seen an image years ago that had comic book pages as wallpaper and forgot about it until recently when I looked through a Pottery Barn catalog. Pottery Barn Kids does an amazing job of decorating the rooms in the catalogs. If you every need any ideas or inspiration that would be a good place to start.

This project was pretty easy but time consuming. Especially if you choose the largest wall in the room. All you need for your wall is comic books, Mod Podge (a lot) and a sponge brush to apply. I chose to use the Matte finish in the Mod Podge so that my pages had the same finish when in the comics. I first removed the staples from the comics and then cut them in half along the fold. I pulled out any pages I didn’t want to use and mixed all of the different comic pages together so that I would have different characters throughout out the wall. Yes, I mixed DC and Marvel together. My boys like them all, including Star Wars.

After the wall was clear of any dirt and cobwebs (eew), I started pasting the pages on the wall. I worked out from the center and towards the corners of the wall. I first used my brush to apply the Mod Podge to the wall and laid down and smoothed out my first page, making sure it was straight. Then I worked in small sections, slightly overlapping each page. After I had a good size section on the wall I went over all the pages with more Mod Podge.


So close to being done and the boys just couldn’t hang on any longer. One second they were playing and talking quietly and the next, they were in bed asleep.


The pages are newsprint, so they will naturally wave and curl up a bit. After the top coat dries most of that goes away. There were areas that I would have to go over again with the Mod Podge and smooth down with my fingers to make sure it was all smooth. If any large bubbles came up that wouldn’t go away on their own, I made small cuts with an exacto knife so that I could smooth the paper back down and then added more modge podge of course. Then section by section I finally had the majority of the wall covered and on to the edges where I had to cut the pages to fit the remaining wall space. So there you have it, an easy and inexpensive Super Hero wall. No project is complete with out a child posing in your final pics!




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