Double Twin Bed Re-do

Yikes! The twins are ready for real beds. I was undecided about what beds would be best for them. We could either keep their cribs that change into full size beds or buy them a bunk bed (scary). My mom had wooden military twin beds that have been in the family for four generations and I had to bring them back to life.

The boys can be pretty rough on things so I wanted to make sure they could with stand their craziness. I chose to paint them with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in French Linen and then I used the Annie Sloan clear soft wax for durability. I wanted to add a little something more so I decided to create distressed racing stripes on the head and foot board along with a No.1 and No.2 for the order the twins were born.

With Annie Sloan paint you don’t have to prep your surface but if there are any areas that are un smooth or if there are drip marks fro previous paint, I recommend it. I first painted the headboards, footboards and bed rails all over with two coats of the French Linen. I also recommend watering down the paint a bit as it can be pretty thick. Then I measured and masked off the racing stripes and placed the paint mask decals for the lettering. I wanted the stripes to mainly be white and have the distressed color showing through as black. I painted a layer of black first and once dry, I then painted over with white.


To get clean lines when painting stripes you want to paint over the edges where the tape is laid down with the main color. So in this case, before I painted the black and white for the stripes I painted a layer of the french linen. If there are any areas that paint may bleed through the tape, the main color will bleed through and act as a barrier where the tape is laid down.

As soon as I was done with the final white layer (before it completely dried) I pulled off all the tape and decals. If you leave tape on for an extended period of time it can pull off more than you want and can even damage walls. Before moving on the the distressing of the paint I touched up any areas that may needed it.

Now, the fun part! Once the paint is completely dry I used sand paper to distress the white areas so that some of the black paint would show through and give the stripes a weathered vintage effect. The last and final step was to apply the clear wax which is more of a wax on, wax off process. Yeah, two new big boy beds are done! The most exciting part of course is putting them together and seeing the boys faces when they walked into their rooms to new big boy beds. Now on to the next project in the twins Super Hero room. Yes, there is a blank space above their beds… but I have plans for that.



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