Tissue Paper Art

This project was so much fun for my boys! I bought canvas at Hobby Lobby which was 40% off. If you don’t know already Hobby Lobby alternates their sale items each week. If something you want is not on sale, just wait a week. You can also download their mobile app and use the 40% off coupon every time you shop. Now I chose to use the wrapped canvas because I planned on hanging the boys art on the wall. You can use water color paper, or any type of canvas. The tricky part was finding the art tissue paper that bleeds. I could not find it in any craft store but I finally found it several places on line. You will also need a spray bottle of some kind.


Start out by cutting or ripping your tissue paper into pieces (you could also cut shapes). Then spray the canvas down so it’s pretty covered and start laying your tissue paper pieces down. You can lay them next to each other and even overlap them. Once you have all the tissue paper you want down, spray over all of the tissue paper and watch all of the colors bleed together. Then wait about 20 minutes before removing the tissue from the canvas and continue to let the canvas dry the rest of the way.

Oh and it’s a little messy. Not only does the color from the tissue paper bleed on to the canvas, it also bleeds onto your skin. Nothing a little soap and water can’t fix.


I was hesitant about removing the tissue paper because I loved how the overlapping tissue paper had so much depth and was so colorful. I removed the tissue paper from one canvas and I didn’t get the outcome I was hoping for. The color was very muted and not vibrant but was still very pretty.

I then decided I would have the boys add more tissue back on the canvas. To keep the tissue paper on the canvas I painted over the tissue paper with Mod Podge. I first had to re-wet each canvas so the tissue paper would be heavy enough to paint over and not move around. I still got the water color effect but with more vibrant colors and more depth. The boys also love having their art on the walls for everyone to see. This is also a project that you can modify to work for every Holiday by cutting water color paper in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day, Shamrock for St. Patty’s or even by masking off the shape of a Christmas tree on canvas. So get creative and have fun!



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