Pampered Momma

What is better than getting pampered and letting your littles have fun in the process? Let’s face it, us busy moms have very little time for ourselves. Before my boys my nails were always well manicured and painted (probably a different color every week). I would paint designs on them for each holiday. Now I often forget when the last time was that I actually painted them. Eeek!  I did all the prep work and clipped, filed, cut the cuticles and painted the base coat. I headed out side with my three boys and a bag of nail polish in every shade. You wouldn’t believe how excited a 2 year old and two 4 year old boys were to paint their momma’s toes. Oh and did they ever paint my toes!

I let each boy pick two colors and oddly enough they all chose glitter polish first and then a bright solid. They each took turns and had very different methods. One would barely even look at what he was painting while another would concentrate and be sure to cover every piece of toe nail. In the end I had very colorful feet and three happy little boys. My toes were so covered, that I thought they may never dry.


Just a tip: If you put Aquaphor on the skin around your toes, the polish will easily come off and you won’t have to scrub to get it off. Sorry, there is no after pic once I wiped it all off. I’m a busy momma.IMG_6130

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