Super Room!

My twins are growing up so fast and will be moving out of their cribs as soon as I get their beds done. Their room should grow along with them and since they love super heroes I will be changing their room from cute monsters to strong heroes. Oh and villains of course, you can’t have super heroes without them. Along with their new beds their will be many changes. I’m going to do a full comic book wall, hang new art, get new bedding and a few other furniture changes here and there.

The twins room before:

Sorry, the images are not great. Boy has technology changed camera phones. I chose the boys curtain fabric because I thought this pattern could really be used at any age and could grow along with them as their room changes. I sure did love those little ugly dolls but the boys are in love with their new room and so am I.

Here is my inspiration:

It was so much creating their new space. Now keeping mind that all of this did not happen over night. The twin beds came first, then the comic book wall and I would add pictures and decorations here and there as I went along. Other pieces created in the room are the rustic shadow boxes with pictures, and recovered retro chair. I of course have plans for other add ons such as a night stand between their beds, string art with their names and custom toy boxes for the end of their beds. I know it seems like a lot but that’s what keeps me going. If I’m not creating or making something pretty I’m bored. The dressers were passed down from family and were refinished before they were born to match their cribs and I am still in love with them. So here are a few pictures of their room so far. Tell me what you think. How will you re-decorate your littles room when they are ready?

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