Wedding Vow Art

I love making fun art for my walls. There is nothing better than a custom project that means something to you. I got a bunch of free pallets from work to make stuff with and my first project was to make two wooden wall pieces to put my wedding vows on. I first had Craig break down all the pallets, which he loved doing (not really). Then once I decided how big I wanted them I laid them out and put them together. I did one coat of grey stain and let it dry completely.

The part that took all the time was designing how I wanted all the text to fit together. I’m a graphic designer so this is something I can easily do since I have access to all the programs and I do this for a living. To get the letters I created my designs for a vinyl decal so that I could pull off the areas where I want the wood grain to show through. Luckily, my husband world for a decal company so this came at little to no cost, just a little time on my end. This is something that you could order from a decal company but may get pricy depending on the size.

It didn’t come out perfect but everything has it’s imperfections, along with marriage. I love the finished product.


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