Bathroom Flooring

My main bathroom is just YUCK! There is no other way to explain it. It’s a great size and has potential with solid wood cabinets but it had hideous tile, shell sinks and the floor was mostly covered by carpet. We had recently updated the countertop and sink and now finally the last major part (the carpet). Carpet in a bathroom just may be the worst design idea ever. my three boys do a lot of splashing in the tub and the carpet would get soaked and start to smell.

One weekend, I had had enough and talked Craig into ripping it all out and that’s just what we did. Over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend we tore out all the flooring, and laid tile down. I have laid tile in small areas for backsplash and what not but I had yet to do the flooring for an entire room until this project. It was definitely a challenge and hard work but I’m so glad I did it.


I had originally planned to use a porcelain plank tile that looked like light washed wood flooring but we had boxes of 4×4 slate tile piled up in the garage that we received for free that should be just enough for the floor. Part of the floor had tile on the floor and in place of trim. Before I started laying the tile, we decided to put up no baseboards to match the rest of the room. Since it was only a small are that needed the trim, and I didn’t want to tear out all the trim we just added the few new pieces needed.

Once I decided on the pattern I started laying the tile. We of course had some tools and supplies we needed to get but the entire project was pretty inexpensive. I started in the center of the farthest wall and worked my way out from there, doing the edge pieces that needed toe be cut last on each section I was working on. When you receive free tile first as yourself why? I discovered why after taking all the tile out of the boxes… Whoever marked the tiles and boxed them up put the barcode sticker on the top of the tile and not the bottom. No big deal though, just a little scrubbing needed.

A little over half way through I started to worry as my pile of tiles dwindled down. I realized I would not have enough of the small tiles to cover the floor but luckily we had several 12×12 tiles that I then had Craig cut down to size and we ended up only having about 5 extra tiles. Finally getting the grout on the floor was probably one of the most satisfying parts of the laying the tile because it actually started to look like a real floor and its messy and who doesn’t like to work hard and look like. Once the flooring was set and the grout was dry I washed the floor several times until the water from it was no longer dirty, scrubbed all those sticky barcodes off and finally sealed the floor.

I am happy with how my first floor turned out but I will say that the next time I will not chose to lay dow slate tile. Slate tiles are not very uniform. The size and thickness vary so there are some tiles that are much thicker and stick up here and there. My plan was to lay quarter round along the base boars once the tile was down but since all of the tile is not the same thickness it would just end up looking awful and uneven with large spaces here and there. After all the hours spent working on this floor, I had nightmares about the tiles popping off the floor when I walked on it. I even told the boys to be careful when running across it. Now, on to the last few projects to finish up this bathroom.


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