Bathroom Shelf

I have been wanting a shelf to go above my toilet in the bathroom and I finally decided on what I was going to make. Mine is more for decoration than actual storage but you could make your’s to fit your needs. Since mine is for decoration purposes and is for a small space, I went on the small side. I don’t want my guest to bang their heads against my pretty shelf while visiting my bathroom. This project is fairly inexpensive and easy granted you have the right tools. I got the hardware pictured below along with the wood for the shelf and used a hammered metal spray paint to paint the hardware. All of these pieces come smaller and larger, depending on what you need.


I first painted all of my hardware with the cap attached to the steel pipe and left the floor flanges un attached so that I can easily attach them to the wall first without the pipe getting in the way. I made sure to mark the wall studs before hand and screwed the floor flanges in. The shelf is for decoration but I want it to be sturdy and have no chance of falling. Then attached the piping to the flanges.

I measured the wall to know exactly how long I needed my shelf to be. You will of course want to test place your piece of wood to be sure the length is correct before staining. Once the wood was cut I applied one coat of stain and then dry brushed white paint to get a whitewashed weathered effect to fit in with my nautical bathroom. Once it was all dry I put the shelve on the piping and then screwed in some piping clamps to be sure that my shelf won’t tip from side to side and turn into a teeter totter.

Now the fun part, adding the decorations. I only have a few more minor projects until my bathroom is finally complete.

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