Rustic Shadow Box

I had the most amazing pictures of my twins taken (by Jenn West Photography) that I just had to have printed and framed in their room. There is no better way to remind them how much they love each other when they are not getting along. I had them printed on a metallic paper from Mpix. They do amazing work and my prints are always perfect. I found the two distressed Shadow Boxes at Hobby Lobby (for 50% off). I have said this before but if something you want there is not on sale, wait a week and it will be.

I like the rustic look and feel to go along with the bright colors from the curtains, comic book wall and art in their room. I found this really neat grey burlap fabric at Hobby Lobby as well and planned to put that behind their photos until something else inspired me. I pulled in my garage after my Hobby Lobby trip and saw an old pallet sitting up against the wall and decided I wanted a wood look behind the pictures.

The next day, I loaded up the boys and headed to Lowes and bought some wood plank peel and stick tiles that were less than $2.00 a piece. It only took me about 10 minutes to measure, cut and place the sticky tiles on he backboard of the Shadow Box and place my pictures. I absolutely love how these turned out and they look great with the marquee letter lights. Yes, that open space on the wall is awkward but I have a project planned for that. With these Shadow Boxes I can easily update the pictures of the boys throughout the years and If they ever happen to fight for separate rooms, they will each have a frame of their own.



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