My Umbrella

Did I mention, I love garage sales? Well I do. I found this solid wood umbrella at a garage sale years before I had my kids. I of course had always planned to re-do it and just finally got around to it. The wood is in great shape but the color is a little outdated. The fabric canopy has no holes or tears but it’s very faded as well.

After digging in my basement for eternity, I finally found it and decided I would stain the wood a much darker color. This was much more work than I anticipated but I got it done. It was a cold rainy day so I laid it out in my badly lit garage and started staining. Now you must learn from my mistakes. I knew I should be wearing gloves but couldn’t find any so I went without. Yes, I could have put the project off for a day or two and ran to the store when the boys woke up from their nap but that’s just not my style. I was determined to get it done and I paid for it. Yikes were my hands bad! Thankfully my Mr. has some tough hand cleaner just for these situations that got the majority off after about three scrubbings. my nails are a little stained still but thats all part of it I guess.


Anyways, I painted the stain on with a sponge brush in sections and then went around and wiped the excess stain off with a rag. I choose to use stain that dries in a hour so I can keep my projects moving along with very little wait time. After staining what I could see, I had to flip it over to get to the rest so I chose to wait a full night for it all to dry before sealing the entire piece with an outdoor wood sealant spray. This I was bale to do outside and it dried pretty quick. While the sealant was drying I spray painted the metal pieces I took off before staining. The metal was tarnished and a bad gold color so I chose to go with a dark hammered metal. I love the way the wood turned out and it will look even better once I paint my table and chairs. Now I must decide what to do with the fabric cover. It can not be dyed, believe me I have tried. Do I paint it or buy a new one? Well I put the striped faded canopy up and ugh, I hate it and painting it would take time and would cost three times more so I bought a new one and I love it. I also added some fun sparkling lights. One step closer to my outdoor oasis. Now you see what happens when I do one project and it turns into about five other projects. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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