Oh baby!

I seem to have run into many articles stating that when you have your first baby you do all the room decorating and take the time to make it special and by the second baby you do very little because you are so busy. Well, that is just not my style. By my second pregnancy (third baby) I discovered just how much more I could do and did just that. There would be no slacking on my end but I did have help from my family of course.

Our guest bedroom is small but a decent size for one baby and also had some major lighting issues. As in, there was none. The only way to get light was to plug a lamp in to the outlet that is wired to the light switch. After much Pinterest searching for ideas I found my inspiration for my baby boys room.

My Inspiration:

I love the look of natural wood pieces and the wood barn like doors will solve our lighting issues. Hooray! Now I just need to get my family together to help with the wood wall feature and shelving. I can take care of the rest and I can’t wait to get started.

The walls were already a light cream color which was exactly what I wanted so one less step for me to do. We ordered a grey crib similar to the one in my inspiration picture and went scouring antiques shops, and garage sales for a vintage dresser with clean lines that I could redo with the colorful wood grain effect on the drawers. I really wanted to find one with a keyhole but that was an almost impossible search to find the right size dresser. We finally found one that was perfect but needed a little TLC. There were so many little projects I worked on for his room and they were so much fun. From the paper mache deer head to the VW water color pictures in the rustic frames, I enjoyed every bit.

My parents and brothers came in town the weekend of the twins birthday and put up the wood wall feature with lighting and built the wooden rope shelf. I can’t tell you what a major relief it was for the main pieces to be done. Little did I know that this baby would be coming just a few short weeks later and two weeks early. He is of course no longer in his crib but I did include pictures of his sweet little face in his newly painted big boy bed.

The really fun part is adding all the pictures and accessories, which I had been working on since we I had the theme decided. I wanted his room to be colorful, rustic and full of adventure. I used maps, globes and fun prints and colors to bring his room to life. Here is how his room turned out and I’m so in love with it! What are you planning for your new arrivals room?

Need nursery ideas? Check out my Baby board on pinterest.

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