Custom Sign

I have a plan to paint my kitchen cabinets but first I had to paint the walls so I can get the feel of what color will look best. In the process of painting the kitchen and searching on pinterest I decided I needed a custom sign above the cabinets. I have always hated having these sophets in the kitchen but now I found a way to make them less annoying.

I bought a 4ft x9″ board and did some distressing with a hammer to make it a little roughed up. I had wanted more of a rustic piece of wood but Lowe’s didn’t have what I was looking for. This will actually make it easier when painting the letters on. Then I applied two thin coats of stain, which only take an hour to fully dry. Make sure to stain the edges too. Then I white washed the wood with some white paint I had around the house. I would put a little paint on the end of the brush and dab off the excess on a paper towel. I did several passes until I got the look I was wanting.

While the paint was drying I started to work on the letters which did not exactly work out as planned. I originally purchase stencils at Hobby Lobby for the letters but they ended up being a little too big to fit my long last name so I had to improvise. I ended up making my letters to size on my computer and printing them out two at a time on regular printer paper. I then cut down the paper around the letters and decided to use an old method to transfer them. I held the paper against my window so I could see the printing through the back and scribbled over the edging of the letters with a pencil. Then I laid down the paper on the wood and traced around each letter. When tracing the letter over the wood, the pencil marks scribbled on the back of the paper transfer to the wood. So here you go, perfect outlines for letters. Of course you will want to lay out all of your letters on the wood before you start the outline to transfer them so that you can mark where each will go.

I then used a small round brush paint each letter.  I chose to use black paint to get the look I wanted and I just happen to have some extra black Chalky Paint in the basement. After the paint was dry I simply went over the letters with a piece of sand paper and distressed the areas I wanted and I was done. This project only cost me the price of the wood and the hardware to hang it with.

Not the greatest final photo but here it is…IMG_6795.JPG

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