10 Summer Fun Water Activities

The Midwest heat during the summer is relentless and can sometimes make you want to stay inside. It’s just starting to heat up out there so be prepared this summer with a few fun and inexpensive actives for your kids. Cool down and enjoy that heat!


  1. Sponge Ball / One Charming Party
  2. Pool Noodle Sprinkler/ Ziggity Zoom
  3. Homemade Sprinklers / HomeSpun Threads
  4. Ice Cube Painting / Share and Remember
  5. Water gun and Water Balloon fights
  6. Soap Boat Races / I Heart Nap Time
  7. Water Balloon Piñata / Ziggity Zoom
  8. DIY Water Slide/ Happy Hooligans
  9. Tin Foil River and Mini Ice Boats / Reading Confetti
  10. Kiddie Car Wash/ Mom Endeavors

I know we will be trying a few of these this summer. What are some of your fun water activities for the summer?

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