Baby Boy!

My little brother had a beautiful baby boy and I was so excited to help with any and every thing. Since I have three boys and still had everything of their’s, I naturally started packing everything up to send home with him. With a couple extra cribs hanging around I offered to re-do one for his new little bundle of joy and they accepted! Yippee!! All the furniture along with the crib was painted with a grey chalky paint (2 coats)from Lowe’s. Then I brushed over each piece with an antiquing wax. The wax is fairly simple to apply. You brush it on and then wipe it off.

I will say that if you are painting a crib, I would  use a clear wax over the entire piece to harden up the furniture and the keep the paint from chipping away. Babies do tend to chew on their cribs and I know from experience. This crib before I started, looked like a beaver attacked it so I had some major sanding to do before hand. The end result is Restoration Hardware-esque and I love it!


Now when I miss my little man, I know that he’s sleeping safe and sound in his adorable bed. Here he is sitting happily in his crib. I love him so!!



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