Waist Cincher Adventure

All the craze lately with celebs seems to be using waist cinchers. I have been very curious myself and decided to try them out for a little while and tell you my experience and what I thought. I first found a reputable looking site at a decent price (because I have three kids and can’t afford to pay $200+). I ordered my waist trainer from Style Dealz. I followed the sizing charts and according to my measurements I ordered a medium.

My current measurements are: waist 31 inches, hips 42.5

I have been curious about these for many reasons. Yes, they are said to make your waist smaller which is great and all but that is not my main reason and I don’t want to go to an extreme of pushing my organs all around. Eek! I’m not trying to be a Kardashian, they are fabulous and entertaining but that’s not my goal.

I have Diastasis Recti, which is a separation in my center abdominal muscles that causes my insides to push out through the opening (yuck, too much information I know). It not only makes me appear as though I am newly pregnant but causes me back pain and makes me clothes fit horribly, along with other issues. This is fairly common in many women for various reasons such as your frame, pregnant with large and multiple babies and many more. I happen to have a small frame, and had twins followed by a very large baby, so there you go. Here is a picture below so you know exactly what I am talking about:


I’m interested to see how the corset will help with these issues along with my modified exercises to target my abdominal separation. If you happen to have this you must be careful with the exercises you do because you could actually make it worse when you think it should be getting better. Check to see if you have Diastasis Recti.

It says to start out wearing the corset for only a few hours at a time and to build up to wearing it longer. Once you can wear it for 8 hours or so comfortably you can start using the next row of hooks.

WEEK 1: The first few times putting it on took a little bit of time. Start from the bottom and work your way up. For me it was easier to start around the smallest part of my waist and then I would pull it down as I went until all the clasps were hooked. After I take the corset off each time my midsection is a bi sweaty, so I know soothing is happening.

I have always had good posture but man this makes my posture instantly better and smooths out my stomach making my clothes fit better. It also helped me while doing my exercises for my diastasis recti. Hopefully it will help me to get those muscles back together. After several days of using it, I feel like a rock star and my back does not seem to be hurting as much!

After a week of using the corset, I can say that it’s pretty comfortable and has definitely helped my back. As for my diastatis recti, only time will tell. I even wore it to the gym one morning under my shirt with a tank top underneath and let me tell you, there was some major sweating going on! Now for the part that you are really wanting to know, did I lose any size on my waist? Surprisingly yes, I did. In the first week of wearing it, I lost 2 inches from the smallest part of my waist. Not bad, I guess. Here’s hoping for a change in my diastasis recti as well.

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