DIY C3PO Jewelry Tray

If you are new to crafting and DIY projects, I encourage you to check out Darby Smart. The have tons of materials and have project kits that you can purchase with all of the supplies needed along with directions. It’s great if you want to do something quickly and don’t want to go searching for supplies. I purchased a kit for this project from there but added my own twist to it. Here is the link to the kit if you want to make your own.

Why C3PO you ask? First off why not and second, my husband is constantly losing his wedding (I mean once a week), and he loves Star Wars. The kit included a gold Sakura paint pen that I love, super glue, a spray sealant, white ceramic tray and little plastic dinosaurs. We just so happened to have a tiny C3PO figure that the boys never really played with that I had to dig out of the abyss (their toy box).

I recently updated the decoration in our master with gold accents so this tray would fit in nicely with the other decor and be masculine enough for him to want to use it. Because what Star Wars loving man wouldn’t want a shiny golden C3PO to hold his wedding ring? I first used the gold paint pen to color the C3PO figure gold. Yes, I know he is already gold but I need my golds to match. Then I sprayed the figure with the sealant to keep the shiny gold from wearing off.

For the ceramic base, I used the paint pen to make a thin gold line on the top edge. I wanted it to be simple and as masculine as possible. This is where you have the freedom to add as much or as little gold as your heart desires. You could also get creative with the plastic figure or toy you choose to place on top. I then sprayed the ceramic dish with sealant as well before gluing the C3PO in place. Hopefully having a designated space for his ring will lessen the number of times it ends up lost. I also made one with a golden dinosaur for me.

Another plus to this project was that I fell in love with the golden paint pen and started using it to accent everything in my room that could use a little gold. If you have used this type of pen before, what did you use it for? I would love to know!


3 thoughts on “DIY C3PO Jewelry Tray

  1. Just want to say Carlie, you are so awesome…I love seeing this and what you are doing. talent from your mom.


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