Festive Firework Art

This was a quick yet fun and festive project. I had seen this somewhere a while back and had been wanting to do this with the boys. With a house full of boys it was pretty easy to find empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I found all of the supplies around my house.


I cut slits into the sides of the cardboard rolls and fanned them out and they were ready to be dipped into paint to make fireworks! Yes, I used washable paint but still had the boys take off their clean clothes because we have enough laundry as it is. It was super easy for the boys and they had fun making fireworks paintings for family. So one of the boys wanted to make his picture for his Mimi and Papi, another for Uncle Dallas and Aunt Lindsay and last but not least… for himself. Ha! These kids make me smile.

So usually any painting project in my house turns into finger painting for at least one of the boys…


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