Patio Chairs

My chairs look a little rough and are in need of some attention! I headed to Lowes with the boys and had them help me choose what colors to use. So we of course ended up with green and teal (my favorites). For the paint I would recommend using an outdoor paint with a high gloss to it. Otherwise, the paint can quickly chip away form the weather.

I first wiped down each piece so that it was free of cob webs and any dirt, lightly sanded everything down and wiped them down before painting. With out a drop cloth my yard would look like a Jackson Pollock painting and I want to keep my grass alive. I bought 3 cans of each color just to be safe since I had little tables to paint as well. If you have any left, you can use it for touch ups when needed or for other pieces to accent your space. I painted the bottoms of each piece, then moved to the tops. I did all of this in one day and added a much needed pop of color to my back yard.

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