Super Ikea Hack Night Stand

Here is my Inspiration:


I love the wood texture mixed with the color and it will just be perfect in the twins room. I got the Ikea Rast dresser for only 30$. Once all assembled, I painted the base with two coats of the blue chalky paint from Lowes.

Tip: They can tint the chalky paint to any swatch in the store, so don’t get discouraged if the hand out does not show the exact color you want.

Next came the drawers… They originally came with pulls so I filled them in with wood filler and then sanded them down once the filler was dry. To get the notches for the drawers, I first created a template with a piece of paper so that the notches could be the same on each drawer. I measured the center of each drawer and traced the template. Now for the tricky part, cutting the notches out. I used a jig saw to cut out the notches which was fairly easy but being the first time using one I was a little worried. They looked a little rough after I first cut them down but that was all fixed by a little sanding.


Then I stained the drawers (sides included) along with the wood I cut down and sanded for the new top. For the top I got a small lodgepole pine panel from Lowes that is wrapped and ready to go (less than $10). It matches the wood on the dresser perfectly and only needed a few inches cut off.


Now for the fun part, adding the letters! I wanted a similar look to one of my inspiration pictures shown but I want the letters to be wood grain and the rest to be blue. If only I would have ordered my paint mask decals correctly. I needed my decals to be reversed from what I got so that the wood grain would show through where the letters are. Instead of abandoning my original idea, I decided to use the decals as stencils. I traced around the letters and peeled the decals off. I of course had to choose some of our favorite places to stencil on each drawer.

Tip: When you use decals for painting projects be sure to get the paint mask material. Regular vinyl decal material is too sticky and will take off the paint and finishes underneath.


I then hand painted around each letter. Two coats of paint on each drawer and I was almost done. This definitely took me much longer than I planned but will be worth it in the end.

After all the paint was dry, I sealed the drawers and the dresser base with the clear Chalky paint sealant and sealed the new wood dresser top with a one coat polyurethane. I screwed the new top in through the bottom of the original dresser top in several areas, anchored it to the wall between the boys beds and put the drawers in. Now its ready for decorations! I had so much fun on this project and can’t wait to share more with you!


Let me now what you think! I so enjoy this project, its by far my favorite!

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