From Bite Marks to Beautiful!

I love love love our coffee table and turns out so did our puppy! I hate the chewing puppy stage! I now have several pieces that need some attention. Several of the corners have been gnawed on, now what to do? I will have to do a little more work to get those corners fixed and decided I would strip and re-do the entire table.

Yes, my basement is a lovely mess but not for long, I have plans for this disaster area too (try to ignore it for now). To remove the poly and stain I used Citristrip and I really liked it. There were no fumes and it was fairly easy to use. I painted it on then waited. After an hour or so I tested an area and scraped of the top layer with a plastic scraping tool. The poly I had put on the top a few years back was fighting me so I ended up scraping off the majority of the top and painting another layer of the Citristrip and let it sit over night before scraping it again. I used the Citristrip on a much smaller project and I only and to wait an hour before removing it so the wait time can differ from each project you do. When the stripper is ready to come off it has a fuzzy texture to it and comes of pretty easily. My one issue was removing it from groves and small detailed areas on the legs. I had to clean and sand it several times before i got it all off.

My next step is to make sure and get all of the stripping gel off the furniture with mineral spirits. When I stain I want to be sure there are no poly pieces left so that I have even coverage. Once I have it all cleaned I will sand the entire piece to smooth any rough edges and then address those chewed corners.


After sanding the table (lots and lots and lots of sanding), I decided I loved the raw wood as is so I just cleaned it up and clear coated the entire piece. The lighter wood lets the hardware stand out a little more too. For those chewed puppy edges, I was able to get away with just sanding all of the corners to look the same. I originally bought some poly to clear coat the table but for experimental purposes I chose to use a clear sealing wax to see how it works over raw wood. The sealing wax has a matte finish that would look good on the raw wood, so I decided to try it out. Fingers crossed it holds up. Here is my finished coffee table, finally upstairs again. Now to get the boys to remember its there when running through the house.



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