Fireplace Whitewashing

When the husbands away, this wife will paint! Im not sure why but if he is ever gone for a few hours or more, I feel the urge to paint and change things. This time around it was the fireplace. This was spur of the moment and only took a couple hours, which I did while cooking dinner for the boys. My mantle was black and I had previously painted the brick grey. You could really do this technique over any brick or stone, with or without a base layer of paint. I also recommend taping off all the edges.


I mixed some trim paint that I had with some water in an empty baby wipe container (these things really come in handy). I first dipped my large flat brush in paint and patted of the excess on my drop cloth (old sheet) and then stippled the paint all over in random areas so there was some variation. FYI, you need very little paint for this! The stippling created more texture which I did not really love at first so I wiped it all down with a wet rag to see more of the main grey throughout. Then with a smaller brush I wiped on a different grey color that I also dabbed the excess off first. the other grey tone really helped to bring some depth and variation throughout. To finish it all off and give it a more smooth look I put a little white on my large brush, with the excess paint removed and then lightly brushed over the entire fireplace and done. This was very quick and easy and looks much better. Sorry, there are no in between pictures of each step. Once I started painting, I couldn’t stop until it was done.


For a softer and smoother look, I would skip the dabbing all together and just do the last step with a small amount of white paint lightly brushed all over. Its basically like when you are painting a wall and decide you need more paint on your brush. That is when you have the right amount of paint on your brush to wipe all over. I thought for sure it would take Craig forever to notice. I decided to see how long it would take him but I broke an hour in asked if he noticed anything different.  Damn, Im pretty sure it would have taken him days or even weeks. What are you making pretty today?



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