DIY Foil Birch Tree Art

While scouring my local Hobby Lobby I came across an aisle full of gold accent art and decorations that I just loved. I was very drawn to printed canvas art of birch trees that had golden accents. After seeing it several times and on many trips, I decided to paint it myself. While I have been painting for many years, this was a really easy process that really anyone can do with a little time.

My Inspiration:


The good part about creating my own was that I can make it any size and use the colors that will look best in my room. I chose to do two canvases that would hang side by side above my bed as focal point. First I painted both canvass a light cream color, then dry brushed white over each canvas to have some more variation and depth in the background. Now for the trees.

With different sized brushes I painted lines from top to bottom using a light grey and light brown acrylic paint. Remember these will be trees so the lines are not straight or all the same. I chose for some to cross over each other and for some to be close together (using my inspiration image as a guide). I then added little branches to each tree here and there.

Next is to ad a little more depth and texture to the trees by adding other colors on top. I lightly and freely added white to areas of the grey trees and and a washed out black to the brown trees. You can add as little or as much as you want, after all it is your artwork!IMG_9971.JPG

Once its all dry and you have the look you want, you can start adding the gold foil accents. You can do this a couple ways really. I want my gold foil to be a little less controlled so I chose to use loose gold foil leaf from Hobby Lobby. You could also use a gold paint pen like I used on my C3PO jewelry tray. For this I painted Mod Podge in areas all over the trees and started laying gold foil down. Once its all dry, lightly wipe away the excess (you can add more if needed to areas). Then just paint back over the gold leafing with more Mod Podge and done!!! I love the raw edges created when using the gold foil leaf and love how it looks in my bedroom.



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