Just a Little Sheet Magic

This is a little something that I was thinking about while changing the boys sheets this weekend. If you have ever purchased Pottery Barn sheets, you may have noticed that the patterns are printed upside down from the top of the sheet (this may be true on other brands as well). My boys all have them on their beds and if you put the sheet on with the thickest hem up top, like it should be the pattern is upside down.


I my self have never had a sheet with a pattern that needed to be in a certain direction but I have been making my own bed this way for years because it makes beds look nicer when made. If you turn the sheet upside down, where the pattern faces the mattress, you can then pull the comforter back and then fold back the sheet over the top to show the sheet pattern right side up. I do this with my bed just so the sheets can be an accent. You can pull them back at an angle like I have done here or do a straight fold across the top. Now Batman is seen right side up, as he should be!




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