My New Kitchen Island!!

My kitchen is nice but not exactly what I would pick if I had a choice. I have been wanting to change things up for a while now and decided to start with the island (yes, the tile is not great and not my favorite). This is where we eat a lot of our meals so it gets a lot of wear and tear. The light color of the cabinets has not really held up well to little feet, as you can see. It is also a little too boring for me.

Here is my inspiration: Absolutely beautiful!

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.26.30 PM.png

After bringing home swatches and deciding on the color, I cleaned the island and then lightly hand sanded it to ensure the paint would stick. The paint I used does not require you to sand the furniture first but I wanted to be sure it would stick, especially since these are fabricated wood cabinets.Then I removed all the doors, draws and masked down the edges. Now to paint!

This took two coats of paint and some touch ups. I used a small roller and brush to get in all the cracks. This is not a quick process that only takes a couple hours, there is a lot of drying time involved. Ot ensure your brushes and rollers don’t dry out and so you don’t have wash them out each time, just wrap them in saran wrap. It ensures that you can use your brushes all the way through a project.


Once all the paint was dry I started the fun part of the process (the gel stain). I used a black gel stain (wiping stain as they are now called).


I only needed one pass of this to get the look I was wanting and it was fairly easy to work with. I used a sponge brush with the stain and would go in sections, starting with any edges or creases first. I then would wipe down the section around the trim, wiping off any excess. I did the large flat areas last. You want to wipe in the direction of the grain, so for my cabinets I would wipe the cabinets from top to bottom. With the stain I figured out that if I had areas that seemed to be setting in quickly and not really wiping of I could add a little more stain on top and re wipe the area. to save your hands, I recommend using gloves while staining.

I am absolutely loving how my island looks with this color. Now for the final part in this process, I need to seal everything. Two coats of sealant and my Kitchen island will be complete. Except that I of course now have to paint my colorful stools black so they match the island.




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