Painted Metal Signs

After painting my kitchen island the rest of my kitchen needs a little more color added. one night it hit me that I have some old metal decorative signs that I could paint like my island and hang in the kitchen, so I did. I generally keep any and all decor that I buy because at seem point it can be repainted and or repurposed. Here are the metal sign before I got a hold of them.


I then painted the teal color and each and then wiped off any excess for it to have a little more depth. If you were going for more of a rustic country look, white paint would look great on something like this.


After the paint was dry I painted on the black gel stain and then wiped away the excess once again. Make as many layers as you want. You may need to repeat the process a couple times to get what you want. This was super easy and quick and it saved me some money.


I let mine dry overnight and hung them the next day.


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