Soffet Eyesore No More!

While working on my bathroom I realized that something had to be done about the soffet above the sinks. It is such an eye sore. I had originally wanted to cover it with real wood but I did not have a saw at the time to do the job. One day it all came together when I saw these peel and stick tiles that looked like wood planks. They would go perfectly with the nautical theme in my bathroom and I could easily cover the unsightly soffet in just a few minutes. This was so easy and I did it all while my boys were napping!


To be sure they would not come down, I used a strong quick drying adhesive. I cut down each piece with a box knife as I went along and placed them staggered to look more like real wood. These peel and stick ties are great and could be used for so many things.


Now I must decide if I am going to continue the peel and stick planks on the bottom of the soffet. If I do, there will be more work involved. The lights drive me crazy and I would have to move them so that they are centered over the sinks and mirrors and replace them as well. What to do? My head says yes it needs to be done. What do you think, should I add the planks to the bottom as well?

2 thoughts on “Soffet Eyesore No More!

  1. I feel like if you are going to do the wood plank look, then that tile has to go. You would either have to do one or the other because it clash. The wood grains and the tile layout throw each other off. That’s my opinion thou.


    1. Since I went with the nautical them the wood grain on the soffet and the crystalized backsplash above the counter are exactly what I was going for. They are not right next to each other so they really don’t fight much for attention. It may not be for everyone but I love it. The wood grain is a very subtle neutral that hides the lovely soffet.


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