Hair Plopping??

What the hell is hair plopping and does it work? Im sure many of you have seen this around recently and were curious just as I was. I decided to waste my time so you wouldn’t have to. It is fairly simple and takes very little time. The outcome is supposed to be an easy way to get nice frizz free curly hair. Now my hair is not necessarily curly but has a natural wave to it.

Basically, after you get out of the shower and towel dry your hair you wrap it in a tshirt. Before wrapping my hair up I put in some hair products that I would use if I decided to go curly for the day. lay an old tshirt out flat on your bed with the sleeves closet to you. Then you bend over forward and pop your hair in the center of the shirt. With the sleeves now near your face, you put the bottom end of the shirt around the back of your neck. Then tie the sleeves in a knot on the back of your neck (like you might wear a bandana). Then wear it to bed and take off the next morning.

My hair takes forever to dry, so I am very skeptical and am expecting for my hair to be a big wet mess. I took a shower around 8:00, watched a little tv and then went to bed with this shirt around my head. My boys were looking at me like I was a crazy person.


When I woke up and removed the shirt this is what my hair looked like. It is by no means amazing as is but its not the huge wet mess I was expecting. My hair is still wet but as much as I expected with it being wrapped up all night.img_1712

I then put some texturizing sea salt spray in my hair that I bought at Target (sorry mom) and used my diffuser on low.


To my surprise, it actually worked pretty well and took much less time than if I were to try and achieve this look straight out of the shower. This is one of those test that I never expected to work and I was wrong. Not too bad for ver little effort! I will definitely be doing this again!



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