Self Tanning Lotion


See that picture that’s me right there. I’m not talking about the one in the pink bottoms with the pretty tan, the one behind her. Look a little closer… now you see her. I actually love my fair skin but sometimes I feel the need to be a little tan. When I was younger I was a lifeguard and always had a tan (well tan for me anyways). I have always been worried about getting burned, skin cancer and wrinkles.

Through years of modeling and swimsuit competitions I discovered self tanning lotion. I have tried many and I mean many. Let me tell you, they are not all created equally. I have tried several bad ones and had a few spray tans too. Loreal Sublime Bronze was my go to and seemed to work pretty well. You can find this at Target. Now applying self tanning lotion is something that I think you get better at as you go. Here is how you apply the lotion and it’s more work than necessary but it’s also necessary if you don’t want to be a streaky mess!


The bottle says to apply lotion to your knees and elbows first and highly recommend to as well as your feet and ankles. Also, It’s good to exfoliate in the shower to slough off any dead skin. You want to put lotion on any dry areas first, otherwise those areas will soak up the the tanning lotion and you will end up with lots of blotches and darker areas. One thing I have learned from applying self tanning lotion is to work in sections. I do my legs first and start one leg at a time from the bottom up. You want to rub it in really good and smooth it out evenly so you’d not have blotches. As soon as I finish my legs, I wash my hands. This is a must! Otherwise, you will end up with dark, orangish hands. As you go, pay attention to your arms touching parts of your body that already have the tanning lotion on them and be sure to was them as you wash your hands.

Then, I do my hips, stomach, chest and wash my hands again. If you don’t have someone to apply it to your back, you want to be mindful of the amount you use when you do your sides and try to rub it in very well so that you don’t have funny lines. If your like me, your back tends to get all the sun anyways so it’s not noticeable. Now finally the tricky part, the arms. I don’t know why the arms are so difficult but that is where I will get lines if I get any at all.

Just be sure to start applying the lotion on the larger areas and and smooth it out towards the ends (apply the same to the rest of the body). On the legs I will start on the sun and calf and work the lotion out towards the ankle and knee so that most of the lotion is in the center and gradually smooths out towards the ends (same on the arms). I will sometimes put a little on my face as well but very little and you need to be careful of using too much around your eyebrows and hairline. Then you just sit and wait for it all to dry. By “air dry” I mean walk around naked, touching nothing until your body is no longer sticky!

If you have any blotchy areas the first time around, you can exfoliate them with a loofah before hand and go over and fix them the next time through. After all of that, I’m tired!




Now to tell you about Fake Bake,the most recent self tanner I found that is absolutely amazing and super easy. No streaks, orange hands, dries quickly and looks amazing!!!! It’s called FakeBake and I’m in love. It comes with gloves to put on, a fabric mitt that you use to rub in the self tanner and a self tanning spray.

With this you want to exfoliate before hand in the shower as well but the application is super fast and there is no dry time. Simply put on the gloves, put the mitt on one hand and get started. You can either spray the liquid directly on your body or on to the mitt to rub in. I spray it on the mitt and then rub it in to my skin. I start with my legs and work my way up. You will want to bend your knees and elbows when applying in those areas to avoid blotches. I just followed the simple instructions on the back and had no problems at all. For best results you will want to wait 6-8 hours before showering or getting wet. Some will run off in the shower but you will be left with a beautiful tan. I will be stocking up on this for sure! Sorry no pictures to show here but trust me. it’s amazing!




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