Cinder Block Couch

Patio furniture is so pricy! I decide to save some money and go a different route and made an outdoor couch. This was my Mother’s Day present. Anyone else ask for projects to be done for any and every gift if you have the option? This was so simple and can be done and enjoyed in a weekend. Supplies needed: Cinderblocks (the amount depends on how high you want your couch, I chose to use 10), 6 wooden fence posts, heavy duty construction adhesive and decorative pillows and cushions.


The first step is to glue the bottom cinderblocks together. If you want your couch to be a bit higher you can stack them three high with the top holes facing in like in the picture. I glued ear together on all sides, then glued the back pieces that will create the back support. You can paint them any color if you chose or just leave them as is like I did. I placed my cinderblocks where they were going to be before gluing them so I wouldn’t have to mess with moving them.

Once both sides are glued together, simply slide the wood posts into place. You will want to let the glue completely dry over night before sitting on it.


Now for the fun part… Adding all the decorative pillows and cushions. I had the most difficult time at Target, deciding what color seat cushions to get and wanted to pick something different than my usual green or teal. If you want more of a fun print,Amazon has some great patterned cushions that would be great to add some print and color to your outdoor space. I love relaxing on my couch and may even add a couple chairs to go along with it.

What do you think? If you build your own cinder block couch please share your pictures with me.

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