Address Planter Box

I have seen so many different numbered planter boxes but none exactly how I wanted it to fit the space so I made my own. I made the base with excess wood in my garage. Remember to pre drill your holes or you will split your wood and have to cut new pieces. Believe, I tried to skip this step and it ended up taking me longer.


My next step was to add wooden square dowel rods of different thicknesses to the front. I cut them down and glued them to the back piece with liquid nail.


Since I used scrap wood and didn’t have enough to have the front box be one piece without seems I used my favorite wood filler. This Minwax wood filler is amazing!!!! It dries super fast and has come in handy for many projects! Once it’s dry, just sand it down smooth and paint or stain and you are ready to go.


Next I stained the back piece and painted the planter box black to go along with the garage doors and the numbers that will be added at the end.  YO will want to drill a fe holes in the bottom for any water drainage for the plants as well. Once dry I sealed it all with a clear sealant to protect it from any moisture, added numbers and then some fun plants. There are so many different styles of house numbers to choose from. I decided to go with this fun modern style and love how they look.




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