Master Bedroom Oasis

I have always loved my Master bedroom and my bedding but it was time for a change. I am like a furnace when I sleep and get way too hot at night. For this reason I have never actually been able to sleep with my current comforter. I have tried many times and it always just ends up folded on the trunk at the end of the bed.


My plan was just to get a light duvet cover for a duvet that we have packed away that we can use in the summer. I found one that I fell in love with from Target. Shortly after getting the new duvet cover, I had to paint the walls, because the color was too similar to the duvet cover. No, I don’t make my bed everyday just like everyone else.


I then white washed my bed, dry brushed my picture frames and added a few new decor pieces. I am so in love with my room now and its just so relaxing and serene.


I of course will probably add/change out a few new pieces here and there as time goes on, maybe a new pillow or two or a feature wall. I just love this space! If you have any design/project questions don’t hesitate to ask, I would be happy to help!


Bankers Chair

I had been searching for a bankers chair that will go with my old desk that I have yet to re do and I almost bought one from craigslist. On a weekend trip to my parents I noticed my mom had one sitting in her basement that she picked up from an auction. She did not get it for any specific reason but thought it was neat. She didn’t really want/need it and gave it to me. YAY!!! It’s very worn and so dirty that it almost looks burnt in areas. It is also missing two of the vintage wood wheels that I will have to do some searching for.

I pulled out the cushion insert, took it in the back yard and sanded that bad boy for probably two hours! It looks so much better and the wood is beautiful. Now I need to clean up the metal gears before I can finish beautifying the wood.


I stained the wood and then fixed the cushion by replacing the padding and adding a fun fur top. Hobby Lobby did not have the white fur material I was looking for but I found pillow cover that would do the trick.


I first had to take the existing top off, which was not easy. Then I cut padding to size and cover with the fur material. I attached it all with a staple gun. The hardest part was probably fitting the seat back into the chair. But it’s finally done and my ugly office chair is no more.


Whitewashed Bed

I lovely bed but after changing out my comforter and painting the walls, its just too dark. I want to keep the wood look but need to lighten it up so I chose to whitewash it.



This process is so easy and fast! I use a mixture of white paint and water. I brushed my mixture on in sections and then went back over it with a cloth to wipe off the excess paint.



Don’t be scared! Yes, I know that the first step looks a little scary but the end result is beautiful! Trust me. Once I have the headboard done, I know I love it! You can do this as much as needed to get the end result you want. I touched up a few areas here and there but I only needed to go over the bed one time.


This seriously only took an hour at the most and made such a huge difference. I’m loving my new bed color with the darker walls. It only took Mr. Modish the whole day to realize I had painted the bed (he likes it too).


Entertainment Center Update

My entertainment center is looking a little sad! It did not help matters at all that my dog as a puppy decided to chew on the bottom. This was a cheap piece to begin with but instead of spending tons of money buying a new one, I decided to update what I have. First step is to repair the bite marks with this amazing wood filler (seriously amazing product!).




Now that the holes are gone, it’s time for paint. I used chalky paint from Lowe’s, the color is called kid gloves. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure I would never buy my boys white gloves. This took a little more paint due to the faux wood parts and because I am painting white over black. Then I sealed the outside and shelf fronts with the wax sealant.


I wanted this piece to have a little more personality so I made a quick trip to Lowe’s to buy 3, 1 x 6 x 8 pieces of lumber. I cut them down to fit the top and screwed them in from underneath the top of the piece. I chose to keep the wood as is, but they could be stained any color, sealed and then done! Now the fun part to add the decor! This was such a little change and so easy but makes a big difference. I just love it!!! Don’t worry the bottom shelf is now no longer empty.



Kid’s Costumes

When it comes to Halloween and costumes, I love to go all out! Now that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, just think outside the box. This is when I get creative and rummage through what we already have and make multiple trips to my local Hobby Lobby. Creating your kiddos costume also does not mean you need to have a sewing machine.

Here are a few of my kids past costumes I created with very little money spent and just a little time, effort and creativity (mostly while they were sleeping). The boys pick who they want to be an I figure out how to make it happen.



This was a fun one to figure out and create. I used cardboard, foam, foam sheets, a lot of duct tape, black spray paint and a little hot glue. He does have lego hands but appears to be hiding them in every picture.


For this costume, I did buy the wig and jacket because some things just need to be bought. I spray painted plastic buckles with chrome spray paint for the buckles and attached them to the gloves with hot glue. I fabric glued some red felt to some black skinny jeans and cut small slits to weave the black straps to attach the plastic buckles. Top it all off with a little a few of my belts, black eyeliner and BAM, Bad Michael Jackson! This boy loves dance!


11248061_10208015719700170_4638741715795794529_nI purchased a skin colored muscle top and hand sewn pieces of foam that I cut to make the chest piece. For the bottom, I purchased some brown fur that I fabric glued and hand sewn to a pair of boys boxer briefs.

For all of the boots I covered the boys rain boots with felt and attached it with clear packing tape. For the Lego batman boots, I first added pieces of cardboard to give them the block shape and added fur accents to the He-man boots and buckles for the Michael Jackson boots. Afterwards the boots are not damaged and the felt comes right off.

This is what Halloween is all about! Get out there with your kiddos, dress up and have some fun! This is what they will remember and will be happy they had fun parents. I am already planning our next Halloween costumes, how about you?


From Busted to Beautiful!

This is one of the coolest pieces I have found to date and I’m so excited I finally got around to it. It was in rough condition and needed a little repair and a whole lot of love. The drawers were broken, along with some of the shelving, hinges and doors. After fixing the drawers and shelves I lightly sanded the entire piece. I want the piece to keep its naturally distressed look so there is no need to completely strip it. Its old, beautiful and has had many miles on it and I want that to show. I also decided that for the inside,  I would keep the sides and back piece the original color. I just couldn’t cover up all that personality.

My first step is to paint the entire piece a light gray with my chalky paint. once it’s all dry I dry brushed a darker grey over the entire piece. This will allow all of the flaws and edges to come out (which I love)!

The doors needed a little extra love. The woven wire accents were barely hanging on and very dingy looking and there are two open spaces with nothing behind them. I took all the metal off and painted it with a dark metal spray paint. I re-attached the metal pieces with a staple gun and added glass to the open areas of the doors. All that’s left to do is add the clear sealing wax and done. Now to find this beautiful pie cabinet a new home.

I love this piece so much that it will be really hard to let this one go. I may just have to rearrange my house and find it a permanent spot. This is my final product, let me know what you think and if you have any painting tips you wold like me to share.



Self Tanning Lotion


See that picture that’s me right there. I’m not talking about the one in the pink bottoms with the pretty tan, the one behind her. Look a little closer… now you see her. I actually love my fair skin but sometimes I feel the need to be a little tan. When I was younger I was a lifeguard and always had a tan (well tan for me anyways). I have always been worried about getting burned, skin cancer and wrinkles.

Through years of modeling and swimsuit competitions I discovered self tanning lotion. I have tried many and I mean many. Let me tell you, they are not all created equally. I have tried several bad ones and had a few spray tans too. Loreal Sublime Bronze was my go to and seemed to work pretty well. You can find this at Target. Now applying self tanning lotion is something that I think you get better at as you go. Here is how you apply the lotion and it’s more work than necessary but it’s also necessary if you don’t want to be a streaky mess!


The bottle says to apply lotion to your knees and elbows first and highly recommend to as well as your feet and ankles. Also, It’s good to exfoliate in the shower to slough off any dead skin. You want to put lotion on any dry areas first, otherwise those areas will soak up the the tanning lotion and you will end up with lots of blotches and darker areas. One thing I have learned from applying self tanning lotion is to work in sections. I do my legs first and start one leg at a time from the bottom up. You want to rub it in really good and smooth it out evenly so you’d not have blotches. As soon as I finish my legs, I wash my hands. This is a must! Otherwise, you will end up with dark, orangish hands. As you go, pay attention to your arms touching parts of your body that already have the tanning lotion on them and be sure to was them as you wash your hands.

Then, I do my hips, stomach, chest and wash my hands again. If you don’t have someone to apply it to your back, you want to be mindful of the amount you use when you do your sides and try to rub it in very well so that you don’t have funny lines. If your like me, your back tends to get all the sun anyways so it’s not noticeable. Now finally the tricky part, the arms. I don’t know why the arms are so difficult but that is where I will get lines if I get any at all.

Just be sure to start applying the lotion on the larger areas and and smooth it out towards the ends (apply the same to the rest of the body). On the legs I will start on the sun and calf and work the lotion out towards the ankle and knee so that most of the lotion is in the center and gradually smooths out towards the ends (same on the arms). I will sometimes put a little on my face as well but very little and you need to be careful of using too much around your eyebrows and hairline. Then you just sit and wait for it all to dry. By “air dry” I mean walk around naked, touching nothing until your body is no longer sticky!

If you have any blotchy areas the first time around, you can exfoliate them with a loofah before hand and go over and fix them the next time through. After all of that, I’m tired!




Now to tell you about Fake Bake,the most recent self tanner I found that is absolutely amazing and super easy. No streaks, orange hands, dries quickly and looks amazing!!!! It’s called FakeBake and I’m in love. It comes with gloves to put on, a fabric mitt that you use to rub in the self tanner and a self tanning spray.

With this you want to exfoliate before hand in the shower as well but the application is super fast and there is no dry time. Simply put on the gloves, put the mitt on one hand and get started. You can either spray the liquid directly on your body or on to the mitt to rub in. I spray it on the mitt and then rub it in to my skin. I start with my legs and work my way up. You will want to bend your knees and elbows when applying in those areas to avoid blotches. I just followed the simple instructions on the back and had no problems at all. For best results you will want to wait 6-8 hours before showering or getting wet. Some will run off in the shower but you will be left with a beautiful tan. I will be stocking up on this for sure! Sorry no pictures to show here but trust me. it’s amazing!