Shop Smart!

This is how we shop! I like to have a plan and shop for specific items but I will often buy pieces I love and make them fit in my house or wardrobe. I’m not sure how many of you do the same, but when I’m out and about and shopping I take pictures. This way I can spend less and have only pieces I love. I usually try and get the price tag included as well.There is nothing more irritating than buying decoration pieces and getting home to find out that you really don’t like them at all.

Hobby Lobby, Target or anywhere really. If something inspires me, catches my attention or if I find something I want to re-create my self I take a picture. I often see things I absolutely love so I take a picture and when I get back home and the kids are all asleep (that’s when I get ideas and complete projects) I can look through my phone at all my inspirational images and then plan my next 10 projects or so. I can then look around the house and figure out what area could use a little updating and switch out decorations and pictures. I like to switch things out every once in a while for a new look. Just like fashion, the trends in home decor are always changing and I like to follow suit. It’s always fun when you have a little helper to pose with your newly found treasures too! One more tip… When shopping at Hobby Lobby with boys who think they are Batman BEWARE the SUPER HERO aisle!

Wedding Vow Art

I love making fun art for my walls. There is nothing better than a custom project that means something to you. I got a bunch of free pallets from work to make stuff with and my first project was to make two wooden wall pieces to put my wedding vows on. I first had Craig break down all the pallets, which he loved doing (not really). Then once I decided how big I wanted them I laid them out and put them together. I did one coat of grey stain and let it dry completely.

The part that took all the time was designing how I wanted all the text to fit together. I’m a graphic designer so this is something I can easily do since I have access to all the programs and I do this for a living. To get the letters I created my designs for a vinyl decal so that I could pull off the areas where I want the wood grain to show through. Luckily, my husband world for a decal company so this came at little to no cost, just a little time on my end. This is something that you could order from a decal company but may get pricy depending on the size.

It didn’t come out perfect but everything has it’s imperfections, along with marriage. I love the finished product.