DIY Kids Dream Catchers

When my littles get scared at night and have bad dreams we make dream catchers of course. This was an easy and fun craft for my boys. They helped with most of it but there were definitely times when they were interested in other things and had mom take over. I had not made these before but knew I could throw something together. I went to Hobby Lobby to get supplies and gathered any and everything I had at home. This is what I started with but did not end up using everything.


We started with the wooden embroidery hoops and wrapped them with yarn in the boys choice of color. Then we wrapped the black sparkly pipe cleaners over the areas where we tied knots in the yarn. I decided to use the pipe cleaners decorated with colorful beads to start the inside of the dream catchers (again in each boys choice of colors). Pipe cleaners were great for this project since they can easily be wrapped around and don’t need to be tied.


The next part was to add the yarn to the center. Just tie it where you want to start and string it across the pipe cleaners. The boys were about done at this time so I finished up with the string and they helped do the rest. I gave them each yarn with the ends knotted around feathers and let them add beads to each. The yarn started to fray on the ends so I wrapped tape around each end so they could easily add beads. Then I tied them on the hoops and added one pipe cleaner to the top for hanging. If I had a glue gun near by, I would have secured the string and feathers a bit more. More than likely I will be doing this soon, when one accidentally breaks apart.

Only one kid was interested in taking a picture, so here you go. Easy dream catchers you can make with your kids.

Soffet Eyesore No More!

While working on my bathroom I realized that something had to be done about the soffet above the sinks. It is such an eye sore. I had originally wanted to cover it with real wood but I did not have a saw at the time to do the job. One day it all came together when I saw these peel and stick tiles that looked like wood planks. They would go perfectly with the nautical theme in my bathroom and I could easily cover the unsightly soffet in just a few minutes. This was so easy and I did it all while my boys were napping!


To be sure they would not come down, I used a strong quick drying adhesive. I cut down each piece with a box knife as I went along and placed them staggered to look more like real wood. These peel and stick ties are great and could be used for so many things.


Now I must decide if I am going to continue the peel and stick planks on the bottom of the soffet. If I do, there will be more work involved. The lights drive me crazy and I would have to move them so that they are centered over the sinks and mirrors and replace them as well. What to do? My head says yes it needs to be done. What do you think, should I add the planks to the bottom as well?

From Bite Marks to Beautiful!

I love love love our coffee table and turns out so did our puppy! I hate the chewing puppy stage! I now have several pieces that need some attention. Several of the corners have been gnawed on, now what to do? I will have to do a little more work to get those corners fixed and decided I would strip and re-do the entire table.

Yes, my basement is a lovely mess but not for long, I have plans for this disaster area too (try to ignore it for now). To remove the poly and stain I used Citristrip and I really liked it. There were no fumes and it was fairly easy to use. I painted it on then waited. After an hour or so I tested an area and scraped of the top layer with a plastic scraping tool. The poly I had put on the top a few years back was fighting me so I ended up scraping off the majority of the top and painting another layer of the Citristrip and let it sit over night before scraping it again. I used the Citristrip on a much smaller project and I only and to wait an hour before removing it so the wait time can differ from each project you do. When the stripper is ready to come off it has a fuzzy texture to it and comes of pretty easily. My one issue was removing it from groves and small detailed areas on the legs. I had to clean and sand it several times before i got it all off.

My next step is to make sure and get all of the stripping gel off the furniture with mineral spirits. When I stain I want to be sure there are no poly pieces left so that I have even coverage. Once I have it all cleaned I will sand the entire piece to smooth any rough edges and then address those chewed corners.


After sanding the table (lots and lots and lots of sanding), I decided I loved the raw wood as is so I just cleaned it up and clear coated the entire piece. The lighter wood lets the hardware stand out a little more too. For those chewed puppy edges, I was able to get away with just sanding all of the corners to look the same. I originally bought some poly to clear coat the table but for experimental purposes I chose to use a clear sealing wax to see how it works over raw wood. The sealing wax has a matte finish that would look good on the raw wood, so I decided to try it out. Fingers crossed it holds up. Here is my finished coffee table, finally upstairs again. Now to get the boys to remember its there when running through the house.



Custom Storage Bins

The fabric bins in the boys playroom have seen better days and are ready for an upgrade. They have used them as boats, cars, hats and just about anything you could imagine. With three little ones, saving a little money here and there really helps. Also, I love creating things myself so why not?IMG_8645



My inspiration was these adorable bins at The Land of Nod. I love these, but at $12.95 per bin it will start to get costly as I need 6 bins. So I did a little searching and found a lot of 6 in a similar color on Amazon for less than $20. Now to add the numbers. Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.01.49 PM


My plan was to hand paint the numbers but in the sake of time I tried something a little different. I found this fabric spray paint at Hobby Lobby and decided to give it a go. I laid out my stencils, taped them down to keep them in place and protect them from overspray. The stencils are probably not the best for fabric as they don’t completely lay flat. As I sprayed I would hold down edges with my fingers so that the paint wouldn’t bleed under the edges. If you do this same method, I would recommend gloves. I could not find many font options in the stencils so I went with what I could find. For this reason I would have preferred to hand paint the numbers to get exactly what I wanted. They are not perfect, but turned out really cute! This would also look great on bright colors. You could really add anything, outlines of figures, objects, words or fun designs.


Yes, my two year old is only wearing underwear. These days we are lucky to get anything on him at all. ūüôā


Super Ikea Hack Night Stand

Here is my Inspiration:


I love the wood texture mixed with the color and it will just be perfect in the twins room. I got the Ikea Rast dresser for only 30$. Once all assembled, I painted the base with two coats of the blue chalky paint from Lowes.

Tip: They can tint the chalky paint to any swatch in the store, so don’t get discouraged if the hand out does not show the exact color you want.

Next came the drawers… They originally came with pulls so I filled them in with wood filler and then sanded them down once the filler was dry. To get the notches for the drawers, I first created a template with a piece of paper so that the notches could be the same on each drawer. I measured the center of each drawer and traced the template. Now for the tricky part, cutting the notches out. I used a jig saw to cut out the notches which was fairly easy but being the first time using one I was a little worried. They looked a little rough after I first cut them down but that was all fixed by a little sanding.


Then I stained the drawers (sides included) along with the wood I cut down and sanded for the new top. For the top I got a small lodgepole pine panel from Lowes that is wrapped and ready to go (less than $10). It matches the wood on the dresser perfectly and only needed a few inches cut off.


Now for the fun part, adding the letters! I wanted a similar look to one of my inspiration pictures shown but I want the letters to be wood grain and the rest to be blue. If only I would have ordered my paint mask decals correctly. I needed my decals to be reversed from what I got so that the wood grain would show through where the letters are. Instead of abandoning my original idea, I decided to use the decals as stencils. I traced around the letters and peeled the decals off. I of course had to choose some of our favorite places to stencil on each drawer.

Tip: When you use decals for painting projects be sure to get the paint mask material. Regular vinyl decal material is too sticky and will take off the paint and finishes underneath.


I then hand painted around each letter. Two coats of paint on each drawer and I was almost done. This definitely took me much longer than I planned but will be worth it in the end.

After all the paint was dry, I sealed the drawers and the dresser base with the clear Chalky paint sealant and sealed the new wood dresser top with a one coat polyurethane. I screwed the new top in through the bottom of the original dresser top in several areas, anchored it to the wall between the boys beds and put the drawers in. Now its ready for decorations! I had so much fun on this project and can’t wait to share more with you!


Let me now what you think! I so enjoy this project, its by far my favorite!

Patio Chairs

My chairs look a little rough and are in need of some attention! I headed to Lowes with the boys and had them help me choose what colors to use. So we of course ended up with green and teal (my favorites). For the paint I would recommend using an outdoor paint with a high gloss to it. Otherwise, the paint can quickly chip away form the weather.

I first wiped down each piece so that it was free of cob webs and any dirt, lightly sanded everything down and wiped them down before painting. With out a drop cloth my yard would look like a Jackson Pollock painting and I want to keep my grass alive. I bought 3 cans of each color just to be safe since I had little tables to paint as well. If you have any left, you can use it for touch ups when needed or for other pieces to accent your space. I painted the bottoms of each piece, then moved to the tops. I did all of this in one day and added a much needed pop of color to my back yard.

Vintage School Desk

I was pretty excited when I saw that a friend was selling this desk and I had to get it. I was of course unsure where it would go at first until I realized my youngest has a rocking chair in his room that I could switch it out with. The desk is in great shape but needed just a little love. My first step was to strip the wood which I did with Citristrip. I only had to wait an hour before removing it. While I was removing the gel from the wood I noticed that the metal it self was painted and the paint was coming off as well. My original plan was to paint the metal with dark metal paint so it would have more of an industrial look. Now I can just remove all of the paint from the metal and save myself the time of taping off all the wood to paint it (so I thought). Yippee!!

With all of the stain removed, I lightly sanded all of the wood to prep it for staining. With the  metal being left dark, I wanted to keep the wood fairly light to go with the the metal and wood accents in my sons room.

Your projects will not always go as planned and this is one of those. After stripping the wood, I began to strip the metal because it appeared that all the metal underneath was dark, as I was hoping. It turned out to have many layers of paint and I ended up with two different colors of metal. ¬†Now I’m back at the beginning and will have to really clean and prep the metal so that I can do what I was planning from the beginning (paint the metal). I learn something new from every project I do.

Never underestimate the importance of prep work. This project was full of it. Not only did I strip and sand the wood and metal but in order to paint the metal I had to mask off the chair with tape since the whole thing didn’t come apart. The picture below shows how just a little light hand sanding can make a big difference. The wood on the chair has been sanded and the desk top hasn’t.


For the metal I applied two coats of¬†a metallic spray paint which is exactly what I was picturing. The wood on the other hand did not exactly turn out as I envisioned but I still love it and the desk looks adorable in my little mans room. It’s imperfectly perfect with notches and scratches still left from previous owners.




Faux Wood Shelf Accents

We are turning this drab shelving into bright and fun shelves in what will be the boys playroom. I originally wanted to put wood behind the shelves on either side of the entertainment center as an accent and then decided to update the faux wood that is already behind the shelving. This not only saved some money but lots of time. I also painted the shelving white and created a little reading nook on one of the bottom cabinets.


The most extensive and laborous part was painting all of the shelves and cabinets white. Two coats and several months later I discovered that the paint I purchased was no good and would easily roll right off when wiped down. UGH! There will be many paint touch ups in my future (which is evident from the pictures) but the shelving is now perfect for my little guys and all of their toys and books.

For the reading nook, I removed the cabinet doors, cut out the front cross bar and added a little cushion for them to sit on.

For the wood grain backdrop, I simply brushed on the paint color of my choice and then went over it with water to tint the faux wood to the color I wanted.  I repeated this a few times until I was satisfied with the color. After it was all dry I placed the painted shelves in place and started adding toys. Now my boys have super cute shelves to hold all their treasures and a fun reading nook. The colorful cloth bins have held up pretty well but are in a little distress after being used as race cars, boats and everything else.


I know, you are thinking how dare I post this picture of clean and perfectly organized play room. If only you could see the mess behind me right now. I did some staging and had to pull things off shelves and move several toys out of view. With three boys, the only time the playroom is this clean is for the three minutes it takes them to run down the stairs after their nap (because I have just cleaned and organized it during their nap). Then it’s destruction all over again.

No Sew Curtains

I don’t sew but I wish I did. My mom has made every one of my elaborate costumes as a child (all from scratch)! I took one class if you count Home Economics in High School. I know how to use a sewing machine but it’s just not my thing (maybe someday). For the boys playroom I wanted some fun curtains without the work of sewing.

I ordered the fabric I wanted online along with my supplies. this project was so easy and I did it all while the boys were napping. Once I decided how long I wanted my curtains and had all my fabric cutdown all I had to do was hem all the edges with peel and stick fabric fuse that comes in a roll from Hobby Lobby.

I would first measure how much fabric I wanted to fold over and then went over each edge with my iron. Now that all my edges are ironed down I just simply have to cut my fabric fuse down to size and place it between the fabric I pre-ironed. Now all I have to do is iron over the seam I created and the fabric fuse fuses both pieces of fabric together. I repeated this for every edge. On the ends where the ¬†corners will be, I made an inwards cut so that I wouldn’t have to worry about bunched up fabric.

To hang them I used the hoops that have clips on them that can easily just clip to the fabric. The clips work great, however if you have young children who like to hang and pull on your curtains the fabric may be yanked from the hooks from time to time. This is such an easy and inexpensive project.



Custom Keepsake Shadow Box

One of the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant with twins was two pairs of adorable shoes with sugar skulls on them. I had decided that if one or both were girls I could add glitter or diamonds. I of course had two beautiful baby boys and didn’t have to change a thing.

Once they grew out of them, I just couldn’t let them go and wanted to display them in some way. I bought shadow boxes from Hobby Lobby (on sale of course) and spray painted each with a fun bright color. I lined the insides of the frame with burlap to give them a rustic feel and used a hot glue gun to adhere it. For the back of the each frame I chose scrapbooking paper with fun patterns.

Depending on what size frame you chose, you can really put anything in it. I went with a fairly small size so I only used a picture, their shoes and a wooden letter for the first letter in their name. I found the wooden letters at Michaels. There were only a few left but I managed to find the three I needed. I used a hot glue gun to attach the shoes and letters so that they would frame their pictures and then they were done.

This would be a great gift for friends/ family and you could customize them to match the babies room. You can do as little or as much as you want.