DIY C3PO Jewelry Tray

If you are new to crafting and DIY projects, I encourage you to check out Darby Smart. The have tons of materials and have project kits that you can purchase with all of the supplies needed along with directions. It’s great if you want to do something quickly and don’t want to go searching for supplies. I purchased a kit for this project from there but added my own twist to it. Here is the link to the kit if you want to make your own.

Why C3PO you ask? First off why not and second, my husband is constantly losing his wedding (I mean once a week), and he loves Star Wars. The kit included a gold Sakura paint pen that I love, super glue, a spray sealant, white ceramic tray and little plastic dinosaurs. We just so happened to have a tiny C3PO figure that the boys never really played with that I had to dig out of the abyss (their toy box).

I recently updated the decoration in our master with gold accents so this tray would fit in nicely with the other decor and be masculine enough for him to want to use it. Because what Star Wars loving man wouldn’t want a shiny golden C3PO to hold his wedding ring? I first used the gold paint pen to color the C3PO figure gold. Yes, I know he is already gold but I need my golds to match. Then I sprayed the figure with the sealant to keep the shiny gold from wearing off.

For the ceramic base, I used the paint pen to make a thin gold line on the top edge. I wanted it to be simple and as masculine as possible. This is where you have the freedom to add as much or as little gold as your heart desires. You could also get creative with the plastic figure or toy you choose to place on top. I then sprayed the ceramic dish with sealant as well before gluing the C3PO in place. Hopefully having a designated space for his ring will lessen the number of times it ends up lost. I also made one with a golden dinosaur for me.

Another plus to this project was that I fell in love with the golden paint pen and started using it to accent everything in my room that could use a little gold. If you have used this type of pen before, what did you use it for? I would love to know!


Baby Boy!

My little brother had a beautiful baby boy and I was so excited to help with any and every thing. Since I have three boys and still had everything of their’s, I naturally started packing everything up to send home with him. With a couple extra cribs hanging around I offered to re-do one for his new little bundle of joy and they accepted! Yippee!! All the furniture along with the crib was painted with a grey chalky paint (2 coats)from Lowe’s. Then I brushed over each piece with an antiquing wax. The wax is fairly simple to apply. You brush it on and then wipe it off.

I will say that if you are painting a crib, I would  use a clear wax over the entire piece to harden up the furniture and the keep the paint from chipping away. Babies do tend to chew on their cribs and I know from experience. This crib before I started, looked like a beaver attacked it so I had some major sanding to do before hand. The end result is Restoration Hardware-esque and I love it!


Now when I miss my little man, I know that he’s sleeping safe and sound in his adorable bed. Here he is sitting happily in his crib. I love him so!!



Oh baby!

I seem to have run into many articles stating that when you have your first baby you do all the room decorating and take the time to make it special and by the second baby you do very little because you are so busy. Well, that is just not my style. By my second pregnancy (third baby) I discovered just how much more I could do and did just that. There would be no slacking on my end but I did have help from my family of course.

Our guest bedroom is small but a decent size for one baby and also had some major lighting issues. As in, there was none. The only way to get light was to plug a lamp in to the outlet that is wired to the light switch. After much Pinterest searching for ideas I found my inspiration for my baby boys room.

My Inspiration:

I love the look of natural wood pieces and the wood barn like doors will solve our lighting issues. Hooray! Now I just need to get my family together to help with the wood wall feature and shelving. I can take care of the rest and I can’t wait to get started.

The walls were already a light cream color which was exactly what I wanted so one less step for me to do. We ordered a grey crib similar to the one in my inspiration picture and went scouring antiques shops, and garage sales for a vintage dresser with clean lines that I could redo with the colorful wood grain effect on the drawers. I really wanted to find one with a keyhole but that was an almost impossible search to find the right size dresser. We finally found one that was perfect but needed a little TLC. There were so many little projects I worked on for his room and they were so much fun. From the paper mache deer head to the VW water color pictures in the rustic frames, I enjoyed every bit.

My parents and brothers came in town the weekend of the twins birthday and put up the wood wall feature with lighting and built the wooden rope shelf. I can’t tell you what a major relief it was for the main pieces to be done. Little did I know that this baby would be coming just a few short weeks later and two weeks early. He is of course no longer in his crib but I did include pictures of his sweet little face in his newly painted big boy bed.

The really fun part is adding all the pictures and accessories, which I had been working on since we I had the theme decided. I wanted his room to be colorful, rustic and full of adventure. I used maps, globes and fun prints and colors to bring his room to life. Here is how his room turned out and I’m so in love with it! What are you planning for your new arrivals room?

Need nursery ideas? Check out my Baby board on pinterest.

My Umbrella

Did I mention, I love garage sales? Well I do. I found this solid wood umbrella at a garage sale years before I had my kids. I of course had always planned to re-do it and just finally got around to it. The wood is in great shape but the color is a little outdated. The fabric canopy has no holes or tears but it’s very faded as well.

After digging in my basement for eternity, I finally found it and decided I would stain the wood a much darker color. This was much more work than I anticipated but I got it done. It was a cold rainy day so I laid it out in my badly lit garage and started staining. Now you must learn from my mistakes. I knew I should be wearing gloves but couldn’t find any so I went without. Yes, I could have put the project off for a day or two and ran to the store when the boys woke up from their nap but that’s just not my style. I was determined to get it done and I paid for it. Yikes were my hands bad! Thankfully my Mr. has some tough hand cleaner just for these situations that got the majority off after about three scrubbings. my nails are a little stained still but thats all part of it I guess.


Anyways, I painted the stain on with a sponge brush in sections and then went around and wiped the excess stain off with a rag. I choose to use stain that dries in a hour so I can keep my projects moving along with very little wait time. After staining what I could see, I had to flip it over to get to the rest so I chose to wait a full night for it all to dry before sealing the entire piece with an outdoor wood sealant spray. This I was bale to do outside and it dried pretty quick. While the sealant was drying I spray painted the metal pieces I took off before staining. The metal was tarnished and a bad gold color so I chose to go with a dark hammered metal. I love the way the wood turned out and it will look even better once I paint my table and chairs. Now I must decide what to do with the fabric cover. It can not be dyed, believe me I have tried. Do I paint it or buy a new one? Well I put the striped faded canopy up and ugh, I hate it and painting it would take time and would cost three times more so I bought a new one and I love it. I also added some fun sparkling lights. One step closer to my outdoor oasis. Now you see what happens when I do one project and it turns into about five other projects. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Drab to Fab

We picked up this kids picnic table at a garage sale for $5. It was pretty worn, dirty and needed some TLC. With a little wash and some outdoor plastic spray paint this piece will last much longer and won’t be an eye sore in my backyard. My one piece of advice is to paint when your children will not be around during the drying process. Even though I said “please don’t go near those, they are drying.” One of my boys ran across the table top and another drove his hot wheels across it. This all happened in a matter of about 2 minutes. We live an we learn. I took it all apart before I cleaned and painted and it was a fairly easy and quick task, if you don’t count the touch up I had to do after my boys destruction.

Bathroom Shelf

I have been wanting a shelf to go above my toilet in the bathroom and I finally decided on what I was going to make. Mine is more for decoration than actual storage but you could make your’s to fit your needs. Since mine is for decoration purposes and is for a small space, I went on the small side. I don’t want my guest to bang their heads against my pretty shelf while visiting my bathroom. This project is fairly inexpensive and easy granted you have the right tools. I got the hardware pictured below along with the wood for the shelf and used a hammered metal spray paint to paint the hardware. All of these pieces come smaller and larger, depending on what you need.


I first painted all of my hardware with the cap attached to the steel pipe and left the floor flanges un attached so that I can easily attach them to the wall first without the pipe getting in the way. I made sure to mark the wall studs before hand and screwed the floor flanges in. The shelf is for decoration but I want it to be sturdy and have no chance of falling. Then attached the piping to the flanges.

I measured the wall to know exactly how long I needed my shelf to be. You will of course want to test place your piece of wood to be sure the length is correct before staining. Once the wood was cut I applied one coat of stain and then dry brushed white paint to get a whitewashed weathered effect to fit in with my nautical bathroom. Once it was all dry I put the shelve on the piping and then screwed in some piping clamps to be sure that my shelf won’t tip from side to side and turn into a teeter totter.

Now the fun part, adding the decorations. I only have a few more minor projects until my bathroom is finally complete.

Bathroom Flooring

My main bathroom is just YUCK! There is no other way to explain it. It’s a great size and has potential with solid wood cabinets but it had hideous tile, shell sinks and the floor was mostly covered by carpet. We had recently updated the countertop and sink and now finally the last major part (the carpet). Carpet in a bathroom just may be the worst design idea ever. my three boys do a lot of splashing in the tub and the carpet would get soaked and start to smell.

One weekend, I had had enough and talked Craig into ripping it all out and that’s just what we did. Over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend we tore out all the flooring, and laid tile down. I have laid tile in small areas for backsplash and what not but I had yet to do the flooring for an entire room until this project. It was definitely a challenge and hard work but I’m so glad I did it.


I had originally planned to use a porcelain plank tile that looked like light washed wood flooring but we had boxes of 4×4 slate tile piled up in the garage that we received for free that should be just enough for the floor. Part of the floor had tile on the floor and in place of trim. Before I started laying the tile, we decided to put up no baseboards to match the rest of the room. Since it was only a small are that needed the trim, and I didn’t want to tear out all the trim we just added the few new pieces needed.

Once I decided on the pattern I started laying the tile. We of course had some tools and supplies we needed to get but the entire project was pretty inexpensive. I started in the center of the farthest wall and worked my way out from there, doing the edge pieces that needed toe be cut last on each section I was working on. When you receive free tile first as yourself why? I discovered why after taking all the tile out of the boxes… Whoever marked the tiles and boxed them up put the barcode sticker on the top of the tile and not the bottom. No big deal though, just a little scrubbing needed.

A little over half way through I started to worry as my pile of tiles dwindled down. I realized I would not have enough of the small tiles to cover the floor but luckily we had several 12×12 tiles that I then had Craig cut down to size and we ended up only having about 5 extra tiles. Finally getting the grout on the floor was probably one of the most satisfying parts of the laying the tile because it actually started to look like a real floor and its messy and who doesn’t like to work hard and look like. Once the flooring was set and the grout was dry I washed the floor several times until the water from it was no longer dirty, scrubbed all those sticky barcodes off and finally sealed the floor.

I am happy with how my first floor turned out but I will say that the next time I will not chose to lay dow slate tile. Slate tiles are not very uniform. The size and thickness vary so there are some tiles that are much thicker and stick up here and there. My plan was to lay quarter round along the base boars once the tile was down but since all of the tile is not the same thickness it would just end up looking awful and uneven with large spaces here and there. After all the hours spent working on this floor, I had nightmares about the tiles popping off the floor when I walked on it. I even told the boys to be careful when running across it. Now, on to the last few projects to finish up this bathroom.


Super Room!

My twins are growing up so fast and will be moving out of their cribs as soon as I get their beds done. Their room should grow along with them and since they love super heroes I will be changing their room from cute monsters to strong heroes. Oh and villains of course, you can’t have super heroes without them. Along with their new beds their will be many changes. I’m going to do a full comic book wall, hang new art, get new bedding and a few other furniture changes here and there.

The twins room before:

Sorry, the images are not great. Boy has technology changed camera phones. I chose the boys curtain fabric because I thought this pattern could really be used at any age and could grow along with them as their room changes. I sure did love those little ugly dolls but the boys are in love with their new room and so am I.

Here is my inspiration:

It was so much creating their new space. Now keeping mind that all of this did not happen over night. The twin beds came first, then the comic book wall and I would add pictures and decorations here and there as I went along. Other pieces created in the room are the rustic shadow boxes with pictures, and recovered retro chair. I of course have plans for other add ons such as a night stand between their beds, string art with their names and custom toy boxes for the end of their beds. I know it seems like a lot but that’s what keeps me going. If I’m not creating or making something pretty I’m bored. The dressers were passed down from family and were refinished before they were born to match their cribs and I am still in love with them. So here are a few pictures of their room so far. Tell me what you think. How will you re-decorate your littles room when they are ready?

Chandelier up-do

This is one of those projects that I don’t think of as something someone would be interested in until people come to my house and comment on it. So I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a step by step process with images for this one. I do however have extra material and an extra shade so I could recreate one if you would like to know the in between steps.

My Chandelier had been driving me crazy for quite some time now. I knew I wanted different shades of some kind then I remembered I had half a yard of grey burlap in bag somewhere that I purchased from Hobby Lobby for a different project. Now to figure out how I will attach it. I first considered using a spray adhesive but its cold and rainy outside and the boys will be around me and need supervision. Oh and did I mention, I’m very impatient. Once I get an idea for a project I become very driven and will figure out how to get it done so I went with hot glue.

It was very simple and pretty quick. I cut down the fabric for each shade, making sure that the size was larger than the shade and would wrap around nicely without to much excess. Then I glued and wrapped until the material was secure and folded the last edge in so that there would be a nice straight seem. Then I glued and folded the remaining fabric on the top and bottom of each shade. So here you have it, my new looking chandelier made with stuff I already have and a photo bomb by my youngest.



Double Twin Bed Re-do

Yikes! The twins are ready for real beds. I was undecided about what beds would be best for them. We could either keep their cribs that change into full size beds or buy them a bunk bed (scary). My mom had wooden military twin beds that have been in the family for four generations and I had to bring them back to life.

The boys can be pretty rough on things so I wanted to make sure they could with stand their craziness. I chose to paint them with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in French Linen and then I used the Annie Sloan clear soft wax for durability. I wanted to add a little something more so I decided to create distressed racing stripes on the head and foot board along with a No.1 and No.2 for the order the twins were born.

With Annie Sloan paint you don’t have to prep your surface but if there are any areas that are un smooth or if there are drip marks fro previous paint, I recommend it. I first painted the headboards, footboards and bed rails all over with two coats of the French Linen. I also recommend watering down the paint a bit as it can be pretty thick. Then I measured and masked off the racing stripes and placed the paint mask decals for the lettering. I wanted the stripes to mainly be white and have the distressed color showing through as black. I painted a layer of black first and once dry, I then painted over with white.


To get clean lines when painting stripes you want to paint over the edges where the tape is laid down with the main color. So in this case, before I painted the black and white for the stripes I painted a layer of the french linen. If there are any areas that paint may bleed through the tape, the main color will bleed through and act as a barrier where the tape is laid down.

As soon as I was done with the final white layer (before it completely dried) I pulled off all the tape and decals. If you leave tape on for an extended period of time it can pull off more than you want and can even damage walls. Before moving on the the distressing of the paint I touched up any areas that may needed it.

Now, the fun part! Once the paint is completely dry I used sand paper to distress the white areas so that some of the black paint would show through and give the stripes a weathered vintage effect. The last and final step was to apply the clear wax which is more of a wax on, wax off process. Yeah, two new big boy beds are done! The most exciting part of course is putting them together and seeing the boys faces when they walked into their rooms to new big boy beds. Now on to the next project in the twins Super Hero room. Yes, there is a blank space above their beds… but I have plans for that.