Kid’s Costumes

When it comes to Halloween and costumes, I love to go all out! Now that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, just think outside the box. This is when I get creative and rummage through what we already have and make multiple trips to my local Hobby Lobby. Creating your kiddos costume also does not mean you need to have a sewing machine.

Here are a few of my kids past costumes I created with very little money spent and just a little time, effort and creativity (mostly while they were sleeping). The boys pick who they want to be an I figure out how to make it happen.



This was a fun one to figure out and create. I used cardboard, foam, foam sheets, a lot of duct tape, black spray paint and a little hot glue. He does have lego hands but appears to be hiding them in every picture.


For this costume, I did buy the wig and jacket because some things just need to be bought. I spray painted plastic buckles with chrome spray paint for the buckles and attached them to the gloves with hot glue. I fabric glued some red felt to some black skinny jeans and cut small slits to weave the black straps to attach the plastic buckles. Top it all off with a little a few of my belts, black eyeliner and BAM, Bad Michael Jackson! This boy loves dance!


11248061_10208015719700170_4638741715795794529_nI purchased a skin colored muscle top and hand sewn pieces of foam that I cut to make the chest piece. For the bottom, I purchased some brown fur that I fabric glued and hand sewn to a pair of boys boxer briefs.

For all of the boots I covered the boys rain boots with felt and attached it with clear packing tape. For the Lego batman boots, I first added pieces of cardboard to give them the block shape and added fur accents to the He-man boots and buckles for the Michael Jackson boots. Afterwards the boots are not damaged and the felt comes right off.

This is what Halloween is all about! Get out there with your kiddos, dress up and have some fun! This is what they will remember and will be happy they had fun parents. I am already planning our next Halloween costumes, how about you?


DIY Kids Dream Catchers

When my littles get scared at night and have bad dreams we make dream catchers of course. This was an easy and fun craft for my boys. They helped with most of it but there were definitely times when they were interested in other things and had mom take over. I had not made these before but knew I could throw something together. I went to Hobby Lobby to get supplies and gathered any and everything I had at home. This is what I started with but did not end up using everything.


We started with the wooden embroidery hoops and wrapped them with yarn in the boys choice of color. Then we wrapped the black sparkly pipe cleaners over the areas where we tied knots in the yarn. I decided to use the pipe cleaners decorated with colorful beads to start the inside of the dream catchers (again in each boys choice of colors). Pipe cleaners were great for this project since they can easily be wrapped around and don’t need to be tied.


The next part was to add the yarn to the center. Just tie it where you want to start and string it across the pipe cleaners. The boys were about done at this time so I finished up with the string and they helped do the rest. I gave them each yarn with the ends knotted around feathers and let them add beads to each. The yarn started to fray on the ends so I wrapped tape around each end so they could easily add beads. Then I tied them on the hoops and added one pipe cleaner to the top for hanging. If I had a glue gun near by, I would have secured the string and feathers a bit more. More than likely I will be doing this soon, when one accidentally breaks apart.

Only one kid was interested in taking a picture, so here you go. Easy dream catchers you can make with your kids.

Painted Stepping Stones

Another fun project that turned into finger / body painting in my house. I’m always checking the dollar section at Target in the front of the store. They always have the cutest things and kid crafts. I bought these stepping stones for each of the boys to paint for the garden. I was half tempted to paint a few myself (maybe next time).I already had paint and brushes so this was a fairly inexpensive project.


The kits came with small brushes and paint but I wanted them to be a bit more colorful so I  used some acrylic paint I already had. They started out so colorful but then they wanted to keep adding more and more paint so they ended up a little muddy. It’s a little hard to even tell whats on them but the boys had fun and that’s what matters.

When they were all dry I did clean up the edges a bit with some paint. I then used a gold paint pen I had left over from my C3PO Jewelry Tray to add accents here and there. Just enough so you could tell they were painted bugs. Afterwards, I sprayed them with a sealant so that the paint wouldn’t all wash off from the weather. Now I have cute little stepping stones to decorate my garden that were made by my little men.

That is Princes Leia, who just couldn’t stand to not be in every picture. She is probably searching for more weed block to dig. Oh and yes, I know I need to clean the leaves out of my rock garden and finish the edging up the steps (someday soon). There is just not enough time in the day.

Festive Firework Art

This was a quick yet fun and festive project. I had seen this somewhere a while back and had been wanting to do this with the boys. With a house full of boys it was pretty easy to find empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I found all of the supplies around my house.


I cut slits into the sides of the cardboard rolls and fanned them out and they were ready to be dipped into paint to make fireworks! Yes, I used washable paint but still had the boys take off their clean clothes because we have enough laundry as it is. It was super easy for the boys and they had fun making fireworks paintings for family. So one of the boys wanted to make his picture for his Mimi and Papi, another for Uncle Dallas and Aunt Lindsay and last but not least… for himself. Ha! These kids make me smile.

So usually any painting project in my house turns into finger painting for at least one of the boys…


10 Summer Fun Water Activities

The Midwest heat during the summer is relentless and can sometimes make you want to stay inside. It’s just starting to heat up out there so be prepared this summer with a few fun and inexpensive actives for your kids. Cool down and enjoy that heat!


  1. Sponge Ball / One Charming Party
  2. Pool Noodle Sprinkler/ Ziggity Zoom
  3. Homemade Sprinklers / HomeSpun Threads
  4. Ice Cube Painting / Share and Remember
  5. Water gun and Water Balloon fights
  6. Soap Boat Races / I Heart Nap Time
  7. Water Balloon Piñata / Ziggity Zoom
  8. DIY Water Slide/ Happy Hooligans
  9. Tin Foil River and Mini Ice Boats / Reading Confetti
  10. Kiddie Car Wash/ Mom Endeavors

I know we will be trying a few of these this summer. What are some of your fun water activities for the summer?

Fun with Boxes

Okay, so this is an old one but what kid doesn’t love to play in boxes and pretend it’s something amazing. We use to get diapers delivered from and we would be left with giant boxes. They should seriously include stickers and a little kit to decorate the boxes with to encourage pretend play! If I were to create a town with boxes my boys would still love it today. This was also a very quick crafting with sharpies that took like 30 seconds. Imagine what you could do with an hour and a little paint.

Pampered Momma

What is better than getting pampered and letting your littles have fun in the process? Let’s face it, us busy moms have very little time for ourselves. Before my boys my nails were always well manicured and painted (probably a different color every week). I would paint designs on them for each holiday. Now I often forget when the last time was that I actually painted them. Eeek!  I did all the prep work and clipped, filed, cut the cuticles and painted the base coat. I headed out side with my three boys and a bag of nail polish in every shade. You wouldn’t believe how excited a 2 year old and two 4 year old boys were to paint their momma’s toes. Oh and did they ever paint my toes!

I let each boy pick two colors and oddly enough they all chose glitter polish first and then a bright solid. They each took turns and had very different methods. One would barely even look at what he was painting while another would concentrate and be sure to cover every piece of toe nail. In the end I had very colorful feet and three happy little boys. My toes were so covered, that I thought they may never dry.


Just a tip: If you put Aquaphor on the skin around your toes, the polish will easily come off and you won’t have to scrub to get it off. Sorry, there is no after pic once I wiped it all off. I’m a busy momma.IMG_6130

Tissue Paper Art

This project was so much fun for my boys! I bought canvas at Hobby Lobby which was 40% off. If you don’t know already Hobby Lobby alternates their sale items each week. If something you want is not on sale, just wait a week. You can also download their mobile app and use the 40% off coupon every time you shop. Now I chose to use the wrapped canvas because I planned on hanging the boys art on the wall. You can use water color paper, or any type of canvas. The tricky part was finding the art tissue paper that bleeds. I could not find it in any craft store but I finally found it several places on line. You will also need a spray bottle of some kind.


Start out by cutting or ripping your tissue paper into pieces (you could also cut shapes). Then spray the canvas down so it’s pretty covered and start laying your tissue paper pieces down. You can lay them next to each other and even overlap them. Once you have all the tissue paper you want down, spray over all of the tissue paper and watch all of the colors bleed together. Then wait about 20 minutes before removing the tissue from the canvas and continue to let the canvas dry the rest of the way.

Oh and it’s a little messy. Not only does the color from the tissue paper bleed on to the canvas, it also bleeds onto your skin. Nothing a little soap and water can’t fix.


I was hesitant about removing the tissue paper because I loved how the overlapping tissue paper had so much depth and was so colorful. I removed the tissue paper from one canvas and I didn’t get the outcome I was hoping for. The color was very muted and not vibrant but was still very pretty.

I then decided I would have the boys add more tissue back on the canvas. To keep the tissue paper on the canvas I painted over the tissue paper with Mod Podge. I first had to re-wet each canvas so the tissue paper would be heavy enough to paint over and not move around. I still got the water color effect but with more vibrant colors and more depth. The boys also love having their art on the walls for everyone to see. This is also a project that you can modify to work for every Holiday by cutting water color paper in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day, Shamrock for St. Patty’s or even by masking off the shape of a Christmas tree on canvas. So get creative and have fun!