Self Tanning Lotion


See that picture that’s me right there. I’m not talking about the one in the pink bottoms with the pretty tan, the one behind her. Look a little closer… now you see her. I actually love my fair skin but sometimes I feel the need to be a little tan. When I was younger I was a lifeguard and always had a tan (well tan for me anyways). I have always been worried about getting burned, skin cancer and wrinkles.

Through years of modeling and swimsuit competitions I discovered self tanning lotion. I have tried many and I mean many. Let me tell you, they are not all created equally. I have tried several bad ones and had a few spray tans too. Loreal Sublime Bronze was my go to and seemed to work pretty well. You can find this at Target. Now applying self tanning lotion is something that I think you get better at as you go. Here is how you apply the lotion and it’s more work than necessary but it’s also necessary if you don’t want to be a streaky mess!


The bottle says to apply lotion to your knees and elbows first and highly recommend to as well as your feet and ankles. Also, It’s good to exfoliate in the shower to slough off any dead skin. You want to put lotion on any dry areas first, otherwise those areas will soak up the the tanning lotion and you will end up with lots of blotches and darker areas. One thing I have learned from applying self tanning lotion is to work in sections. I do my legs first and start one leg at a time from the bottom up. You want to rub it in really good and smooth it out evenly so you’d not have blotches. As soon as I finish my legs, I wash my hands. This is a must! Otherwise, you will end up with dark, orangish hands. As you go, pay attention to your arms touching parts of your body that already have the tanning lotion on them and be sure to was them as you wash your hands.

Then, I do my hips, stomach, chest and wash my hands again. If you don’t have someone to apply it to your back, you want to be mindful of the amount you use when you do your sides and try to rub it in very well so that you don’t have funny lines. If your like me, your back tends to get all the sun anyways so it’s not noticeable. Now finally the tricky part, the arms. I don’t know why the arms are so difficult but that is where I will get lines if I get any at all.

Just be sure to start applying the lotion on the larger areas and and smooth it out towards the ends (apply the same to the rest of the body). On the legs I will start on the sun and calf and work the lotion out towards the ankle and knee so that most of the lotion is in the center and gradually smooths out towards the ends (same on the arms). I will sometimes put a little on my face as well but very little and you need to be careful of using too much around your eyebrows and hairline. Then you just sit and wait for it all to dry. By “air dry” I mean walk around naked, touching nothing until your body is no longer sticky!

If you have any blotchy areas the first time around, you can exfoliate them with a loofah before hand and go over and fix them the next time through. After all of that, I’m tired!




Now to tell you about Fake Bake,the most recent self tanner I found that is absolutely amazing and super easy. No streaks, orange hands, dries quickly and looks amazing!!!! It’s called FakeBake and I’m in love. It comes with gloves to put on, a fabric mitt that you use to rub in the self tanner and a self tanning spray.

With this you want to exfoliate before hand in the shower as well but the application is super fast and there is no dry time. Simply put on the gloves, put the mitt on one hand and get started. You can either spray the liquid directly on your body or on to the mitt to rub in. I spray it on the mitt and then rub it in to my skin. I start with my legs and work my way up. You will want to bend your knees and elbows when applying in those areas to avoid blotches. I just followed the simple instructions on the back and had no problems at all. For best results you will want to wait 6-8 hours before showering or getting wet. Some will run off in the shower but you will be left with a beautiful tan. I will be stocking up on this for sure! Sorry no pictures to show here but trust me. it’s amazing!




Fun Clown Makeup

Need a quick costume? A clown is an easy and quick way to go. This was for a fun day at work to promote our upcoming Halloween party. I like to go all out and try to get everyone involved. One of my tricks when applying dark eye shadow is to first brush loose powder under my eyes. This will make sure that none of the dark shadow you use will flake off and stay on your face. When you are done applying your eye shadow, just simply brush away the loose powder. First apply your eye shadow then add the black accents using a liquid eyeliner.

Add a fun wig, outfit and some lipstick and you are ready to terrorize your neighborhood, or coworkers in my case.

DIY Headboard

I have this beautiful large frame that was generously given to me by my MIL. It previously had a mirror in it that had cracked and had been removed and had a few cracks in the frame here and there. As soon as I saw it I had a plan of turning it into a headboard. This was a very quick, easy and inexpensive project. I paid a total of around 15$ for the entire project. The only thing I purchased was the fabric and crib size batting from Hobby Lobby.


Since the frame is in rough shape I decided to give it a distressed look and white washed, then dry brushed paint on it. I First added paint to all the edges and crevices and then wiped away the excess so that all cracks would fill in with white.

Some of the corners were slightly split and cracked from the outside corner to the inside corners so I decided to patch them and create the same look in each corner to add to the distressed look. Then I dry brushed over the entire frame. Dry brushing is really simple after dipping the brush in paint you brush/ dab off all the excess paint so you are left with very little on the brush. This helps to create the light brush strokes, leaving the frame color visible while adding a textured look.


After the patin was dry, I took out the backing to use as backing for the inside padded area I wanted to create. For the padding I tore apart an old crib mattress that was lying around in my basement (this was not easy but it did the trick). I pretty much ended up having to tear it apart with my hands because the mattress as is would be way too thick as is. I laid out the crib size batting, laid down my mattress stuffing and the backing on top if it and started stapling. I used the batting to keep the stuffing stiff and in place. This way I was able to keep the shape before adding the fabric.


Before stapling down the fabric, I ironed out all the lines and creases then repeated the same process with the fabric. I folded the edges of the fabric over before stapling so the back would be a little neater (not that anyone will see it). Now I have the raised padded area that will fit back into the frame with little effort.

I pushed the padded area into the frame, secured the backing back to the frame and done. Now to hang it on the wall. Luckily this frame had all the hardware needed to hang a large heavy piece on the back. I love how this project tuned out and only took a couple of hours out of my weekend to complete. It also will be a great focal point for the guest room that I am slowly working on fixing up. Anything to get my parents in town more often. Now to add some new paint and work on the idea of adding a basement bathroom.






Mystical Mermaid Makeup

What girl doesn’t dream of being a mermaid? I dressed up as one in grade school and again this past year for Halloween. I have seen many tutorials on mermaid makeup and wanted mine to be different. I wanted it to be beautiful yet a little eerie and mystical. I started with Mehron Syn Wax to create some dimension to my forehead and cheek bones and then added my make up.


To get the fish scale look I put fish nets over my face and neck and brushed on my green, teal and purple makeup. Once I was happy with the color I added my gold liquid makeup for accents. When it comes to Halloween make up, Mehron is the best. It wears like normal makeup and is not oily or drying on your face.



I then used the same colors on my eyes, eyebrows and lips. Just add a fun wig, mermaid tail and accessories and now you are a mystical mermaid. This is by far one of my favorite costumes yet!





Navy Blue Playroom

This all started with the plan to put up a shelf in the playroom. The day before we planned on heading to Lowes for supplies for a shelf, I decided that we couldn’t possibly put up a new shelf until I repainted the room. The boys playroom needed a little pop of color and the walls are bare. I came across a few rooms while on Pinterest and quickly decided on a navy blue that would really accent the white trim, shelving and the bright green accents already in the room. The playroom has needed some attention for some time now and painting the walls is the first step in the right direction.



After two coats of paint a third trip back to Lowes for more paint, the walls are done and I love the color! Just a little tip… If you head back for more paint or send your significant other, don’t let them give you a different type of paint because they don’t have half gallons in the paint you originally purchased. It will never match (lesson learned). Always use the same exact paint, other wise your two coats may turn into three to fix the un matching paint. Just a few more accent pieces here and there and this room will be complete. We of course had to add some Star Wars pieces here and there (because you can never have too many). What bright or daring color would you love to paint but are afraid to? The beauty is that if you don’t like it, you can paint over it! Now, to touch up all the white trim, cabinets and add a few more decorations.





DIY Kids Dream Catchers

When my littles get scared at night and have bad dreams we make dream catchers of course. This was an easy and fun craft for my boys. They helped with most of it but there were definitely times when they were interested in other things and had mom take over. I had not made these before but knew I could throw something together. I went to Hobby Lobby to get supplies and gathered any and everything I had at home. This is what I started with but did not end up using everything.


We started with the wooden embroidery hoops and wrapped them with yarn in the boys choice of color. Then we wrapped the black sparkly pipe cleaners over the areas where we tied knots in the yarn. I decided to use the pipe cleaners decorated with colorful beads to start the inside of the dream catchers (again in each boys choice of colors). Pipe cleaners were great for this project since they can easily be wrapped around and don’t need to be tied.


The next part was to add the yarn to the center. Just tie it where you want to start and string it across the pipe cleaners. The boys were about done at this time so I finished up with the string and they helped do the rest. I gave them each yarn with the ends knotted around feathers and let them add beads to each. The yarn started to fray on the ends so I wrapped tape around each end so they could easily add beads. Then I tied them on the hoops and added one pipe cleaner to the top for hanging. If I had a glue gun near by, I would have secured the string and feathers a bit more. More than likely I will be doing this soon, when one accidentally breaks apart.

Only one kid was interested in taking a picture, so here you go. Easy dream catchers you can make with your kids.

Master Bath Remodel Part 1 ( flooring)

Finally, my last bathroom is getting an update! Time to rip out the carpet and the awful, cracked white tile flooring. Like most of my projects, one day I get an urge to redo and start the process. The first step in my process is convincing my husband that now is the perfect time to start the project then demolition begins. After getting up the carpet and tile there is still so much prep work to do. Craig busted out all the floor tile and mortar underneath while I ripped out the carpet, floor tacks and pulled up any staples that were sticking out. This has to be the worst part of the process. Keep in mind that before ripping out your flooring you will need to turn off your water, remove the toilet and make sure that the valves are closed before turning your water back on and getting started. The sub floor was in great shape and we are tiling a small area so now we will start laying the tile.

Before laying the tile you want to make sure you start with a clean surface and then plan out your tile pattern. Tiling a floor may sound intimidating but is not that bad once you get into it. I wish I could say it gets easier with every project but if you are anything like me, you change something up to challenge yourself a little more each time. I learned from a previous bathroom floor that I will never lay slate tile again. Each piece is not created equal. Some may be thicker and even slightly a different size which creates a headache when you are searching for perfection. Another difficulty with slate is that when you apply the grout, it gets stuck in all the crevices and uneven surfaces of the tile which is a little grueling to get off. So bottom line is to research what tile you are laying before you buy it.

I chose to use a 4X12 porcelain tile that I will layout in a herringbone pattern (this is where the project takes a more difficult turn). Any time you run tile at different angles like in this pattern you will end up with more difficult cuts on the edges since the tile is not running straight across.

My inspiration:

When laying tile, its best to start from the center of the space and work your way out. I started by laying out my pattern in the center to make sure the angles were straight and correct and ran it through towards the enclosed area of my bathroom where the shower and toilet are. Once my mortar was mixed and ready to go, I spread some mortar evenly on the floor with the metal trowel then used the tooth like side of the trowel and dragged it across the mortar to create lines. You will then do the same to the back of each tile before laying it on the mortar that was just spread on the floor. Having the mortared texture on both the floor and the back of the tile allows them to bond together tighter. Try pulling up a tile right after laying it down, it immediately grabs to each other. Continue this process until you have to make cuts. I laid down as many full tiles as I could in one area and then started to measure and mark any edge pieces.

What was so helpful in this process was having Craig help me along the way. While Craig was cutting a group of tiles for me I would work on making the cut marks on the next group and would lay each group as he brought them to me. This smaller enclosed are of my bathroom was the most grueling. Cutting the correct angles all around the edges and the toilet area definitely made my head hurt. I knew that once I got past this part the rest would go by much faster. For the most part of one day I laid all the tile in the shower/toilet area and all of the full center pieces for the rest of the bathroom. The next morning I attacked the rest of the edge pieces that needed to be measured and cut. Whew, that was rough. Note to self: These long tiling projects make your whole body ache!

Once the tile had set as instructed on the mortar bag, It was time to grout. Grouting goes by much faster but can be pretty messy. Mix the grout as stated in the instructions (consistency is key). You dont want it to be too thick to spread but you also don’t want it to be so runny that you can’t pick it up with your float. Spread the grout across the tile and be sure that you don’t leave any holes between the tiles. Its okay to have a little more because you will wipe away the excess. After your entire area is grouted you will have to start the process of wiping the floor with a large sponge to remove all the excess grout (follow the grouting instructions on the grout packaging). You will have to wait until the grout no longer comes off on your fingers when touching to start this process. After wiping it downy the first time you will want to wait another 30 minutes or so before wiping down the tile again. Once done I let mine sit overnight and do a final cleaning to remove any haziness and then the floor is ready to be sealed. Check out that lovely yellow shell sink and countertop (they are next to go).img_1357

We then installed our new toilet which I believe has been in a box in our basement for a couple years now.Our last step was to tack down metal carpet strips where the tile and carpet meet. Seeing this new beautiful tile on my floor makes me feel so happy inside! Not too bad for a mom of three. Now to start Part 2, the ugly yellow painted sea shell counter top. I’m so in love with these floors!


Custom Tshirt

I recently saw a shirt online that said gangster wrapper and I knew I had to have it for this Christmas. After searching I couldn’t find one I liked and decided I would make one. It was so simple but took a little time. You can really make anything you can imagine.

All you will need:

Iron, freezer paper, sharpie, exact knife or scissors, fabric paint or fabric glitter and glue.

Once you have the design you want printed, simply trace your design on the freezer paper with a sharpie. You want the shiny side of the paper down since that is the side that will adhere to the fabric. I made my design on my computer and then printed it out but you can use any clip art online that you may find or even trace things out of a book.

Now that your design is on the freezer paper, you will need to cut around it to make the stencil. For more detailed designs you will want to use an exacto knife. For simpler designs you can get by with scissors. After your design is cut out place your stencil on your fabric (shiny side down). To adhere the stencil to your fabric, iron over the stencil for 5 to 10 seconds. Once it cools down you get to do the fun part. Add the glitter!!


Before you start painting or adding glitter you will want to be sure you have a piece of cardboard or something under the area you are covering so that it doesn’t bleed through to the back side of the shirt. I wanted my letters to be all glitter so I first painted on my glitter glue for fabric, then sprinkled my glitter over the top. You can use fabric paint if you don’t want glitter. I did this same thing on onesies for my friends baby shower and it was a big hit to have everyone create super cute baby clothes.

Once dry simply pull off the the stencil and your shirt is ready to wear! If you used glitter you will want to shake off the excess. You should do this in an area that will not drive your husband in to a glitter rage! 🙂 I touched up a few areas that didn’t fill in but I would say it turned out pretty good.




Hair Plopping??

What the hell is hair plopping and does it work? Im sure many of you have seen this around recently and were curious just as I was. I decided to waste my time so you wouldn’t have to. It is fairly simple and takes very little time. The outcome is supposed to be an easy way to get nice frizz free curly hair. Now my hair is not necessarily curly but has a natural wave to it.

Basically, after you get out of the shower and towel dry your hair you wrap it in a tshirt. Before wrapping my hair up I put in some hair products that I would use if I decided to go curly for the day. lay an old tshirt out flat on your bed with the sleeves closet to you. Then you bend over forward and pop your hair in the center of the shirt. With the sleeves now near your face, you put the bottom end of the shirt around the back of your neck. Then tie the sleeves in a knot on the back of your neck (like you might wear a bandana). Then wear it to bed and take off the next morning.

My hair takes forever to dry, so I am very skeptical and am expecting for my hair to be a big wet mess. I took a shower around 8:00, watched a little tv and then went to bed with this shirt around my head. My boys were looking at me like I was a crazy person.


When I woke up and removed the shirt this is what my hair looked like. It is by no means amazing as is but its not the huge wet mess I was expecting. My hair is still wet but as much as I expected with it being wrapped up all night.img_1712

I then put some texturizing sea salt spray in my hair that I bought at Target (sorry mom) and used my diffuser on low.


To my surprise, it actually worked pretty well and took much less time than if I were to try and achieve this look straight out of the shower. This is one of those test that I never expected to work and I was wrong. Not too bad for ver little effort! I will definitely be doing this again!



Soffet Eyesore No More!

While working on my bathroom I realized that something had to be done about the soffet above the sinks. It is such an eye sore. I had originally wanted to cover it with real wood but I did not have a saw at the time to do the job. One day it all came together when I saw these peel and stick tiles that looked like wood planks. They would go perfectly with the nautical theme in my bathroom and I could easily cover the unsightly soffet in just a few minutes. This was so easy and I did it all while my boys were napping!


To be sure they would not come down, I used a strong quick drying adhesive. I cut down each piece with a box knife as I went along and placed them staggered to look more like real wood. These peel and stick ties are great and could be used for so many things.


Now I must decide if I am going to continue the peel and stick planks on the bottom of the soffet. If I do, there will be more work involved. The lights drive me crazy and I would have to move them so that they are centered over the sinks and mirrors and replace them as well. What to do? My head says yes it needs to be done. What do you think, should I add the planks to the bottom as well?