Master Bath Remodel Part 2

I cant believe this part has taken so long to post even though it has been done for quite some time. After redoing the bathroom floor, my sink and counter were next on the list. let the demolition begin! I think I can safely say that no one likes the look of these shell sinks, especially when painted over like mine was. Yuck right!?


We decided to try and keep the upper cabinets if possible and did our best not to destroy them while taking the sink out. I also worked on painting the cabinets inside and out during the whole process.img_1516

We first had to build a top with a layer of plywood and a layer of cement board which let me tell you was a paint to get in. The trim for our closet door is so close to the counter that we had to cut the boards in half in order to get them in. I decided to use a piece of trim for the counter edge  that I would paint to match the cabinets. Before laying the tile we first place the sink and faucet and mark the holes that we will drill out of the counter top. Then I laid down my tile and cut each piece to fit.


A little mortar, tile, let dry and then grout.



Now that the tile has been grouted, its finally time to install this beautiful sink that we have pretty much had since we moved into this house 5 years ago. I love, love, love this sink!!!


My bathroom is finally complete! New flooring, counter, sink, lighting and paint. I now love my master bath!



Life is Beautiful Sign

I have a group of family pictures above the couch that I hung with the intention of making a sign to go under and I finally have it done. I planned on making a sign and painting words of some kind on it but then got busy with many other things. While strolling the Hobby Lobby clearance section I came across this pre made, blank wood sign just ready to be painted on. Yippee!!

I decided to make my own stencil by designing the text on my computer to the size of the sign. I then printed it to print in banner form across several sheets that I taped together to make my stencil. This time I decided to rub chalk over the back of the paper, placed it on the wood sign and went over the edges of the letters with a pencil. This will make the chalk adhere to the sign.


The chalk idea worked but wasn’t really dark enough for me to start painting over so I went over everything with this nifty chalk marker. It’s just amazing what you can find now! Now I’m ready to paint. I just used some white paint I had around the house, painted in the letters, gently distressed the letters and entire sign with sand paper and sealed with wax. This was a fairly quick project that I did while cooking the boys dinner and doing squats around the kitchen. Because well thats what busy moms do (lots of multi tasking).


I just love my new sign!



Distressed Front Door

This was super quick project! It really only takes like 30 minutes to paint your front door so why not change it up every once in a while? I decided one afternoon I wanted to paint my front door, grabbed some paint I had laying around and got started. I had previously painted the door black with chalk paint and covered it in a wax coating but with the color being so dark you could see every little finger print.

I mixed some paint together to get the right color I wanted and painted the door in just a few minutes. I decided I wanted a distressed look and brushed over the edges and entire door with a black wiping stain with a paint brush to give it a distressed look.  I recommend not using your favorite brush for the wiping stain because it will be toast after. This took a bit longer to dry and you want it to be completely dry before you add the wax sealant.


Once dry, I brushed on the wax, wiped it away (per can instructions) and done! In just a little bit of time you can change the look of your  front porch by changing up your door. Now to direct my attention to the dead mums still in planters outside the door. Eeek!



DIY Foil Birch Tree Art

While scouring my local Hobby Lobby I came across an aisle full of gold accent art and decorations that I just loved. I was very drawn to printed canvas art of birch trees that had golden accents. After seeing it several times and on many trips, I decided to paint it myself. While I have been painting for many years, this was a really easy process that really anyone can do with a little time.

My Inspiration:


The good part about creating my own was that I can make it any size and use the colors that will look best in my room. I chose to do two canvases that would hang side by side above my bed as focal point. First I painted both canvass a light cream color, then dry brushed white over each canvas to have some more variation and depth in the background. Now for the trees.

With different sized brushes I painted lines from top to bottom using a light grey and light brown acrylic paint. Remember these will be trees so the lines are not straight or all the same. I chose for some to cross over each other and for some to be close together (using my inspiration image as a guide). I then added little branches to each tree here and there.

Next is to ad a little more depth and texture to the trees by adding other colors on top. I lightly and freely added white to areas of the grey trees and and a washed out black to the brown trees. You can add as little or as much as you want, after all it is your artwork!IMG_9971.JPG

Once its all dry and you have the look you want, you can start adding the gold foil accents. You can do this a couple ways really. I want my gold foil to be a little less controlled so I chose to use loose gold foil leaf from Hobby Lobby. You could also use a gold paint pen like I used on my C3PO jewelry tray. For this I painted Mod Podge in areas all over the trees and started laying gold foil down. Once its all dry, lightly wipe away the excess (you can add more if needed to areas). Then just paint back over the gold leafing with more Mod Podge and done!!! I love the raw edges created when using the gold foil leaf and love how it looks in my bedroom.



Super Ikea Hack Night Stand

Here is my Inspiration:


I love the wood texture mixed with the color and it will just be perfect in the twins room. I got the Ikea Rast dresser for only 30$. Once all assembled, I painted the base with two coats of the blue chalky paint from Lowes.

Tip: They can tint the chalky paint to any swatch in the store, so don’t get discouraged if the hand out does not show the exact color you want.

Next came the drawers… They originally came with pulls so I filled them in with wood filler and then sanded them down once the filler was dry. To get the notches for the drawers, I first created a template with a piece of paper so that the notches could be the same on each drawer. I measured the center of each drawer and traced the template. Now for the tricky part, cutting the notches out. I used a jig saw to cut out the notches which was fairly easy but being the first time using one I was a little worried. They looked a little rough after I first cut them down but that was all fixed by a little sanding.


Then I stained the drawers (sides included) along with the wood I cut down and sanded for the new top. For the top I got a small lodgepole pine panel from Lowes that is wrapped and ready to go (less than $10). It matches the wood on the dresser perfectly and only needed a few inches cut off.


Now for the fun part, adding the letters! I wanted a similar look to one of my inspiration pictures shown but I want the letters to be wood grain and the rest to be blue. If only I would have ordered my paint mask decals correctly. I needed my decals to be reversed from what I got so that the wood grain would show through where the letters are. Instead of abandoning my original idea, I decided to use the decals as stencils. I traced around the letters and peeled the decals off. I of course had to choose some of our favorite places to stencil on each drawer.

Tip: When you use decals for painting projects be sure to get the paint mask material. Regular vinyl decal material is too sticky and will take off the paint and finishes underneath.


I then hand painted around each letter. Two coats of paint on each drawer and I was almost done. This definitely took me much longer than I planned but will be worth it in the end.

After all the paint was dry, I sealed the drawers and the dresser base with the clear Chalky paint sealant and sealed the new wood dresser top with a one coat polyurethane. I screwed the new top in through the bottom of the original dresser top in several areas, anchored it to the wall between the boys beds and put the drawers in. Now its ready for decorations! I had so much fun on this project and can’t wait to share more with you!


Let me now what you think! I so enjoy this project, its by far my favorite!

Bathroom Shelf

I have been wanting a shelf to go above my toilet in the bathroom and I finally decided on what I was going to make. Mine is more for decoration than actual storage but you could make your’s to fit your needs. Since mine is for decoration purposes and is for a small space, I went on the small side. I don’t want my guest to bang their heads against my pretty shelf while visiting my bathroom. This project is fairly inexpensive and easy granted you have the right tools. I got the hardware pictured below along with the wood for the shelf and used a hammered metal spray paint to paint the hardware. All of these pieces come smaller and larger, depending on what you need.


I first painted all of my hardware with the cap attached to the steel pipe and left the floor flanges un attached so that I can easily attach them to the wall first without the pipe getting in the way. I made sure to mark the wall studs before hand and screwed the floor flanges in. The shelf is for decoration but I want it to be sturdy and have no chance of falling. Then attached the piping to the flanges.

I measured the wall to know exactly how long I needed my shelf to be. You will of course want to test place your piece of wood to be sure the length is correct before staining. Once the wood was cut I applied one coat of stain and then dry brushed white paint to get a whitewashed weathered effect to fit in with my nautical bathroom. Once it was all dry I put the shelve on the piping and then screwed in some piping clamps to be sure that my shelf won’t tip from side to side and turn into a teeter totter.

Now the fun part, adding the decorations. I only have a few more minor projects until my bathroom is finally complete.

Super Room!

My twins are growing up so fast and will be moving out of their cribs as soon as I get their beds done. Their room should grow along with them and since they love super heroes I will be changing their room from cute monsters to strong heroes. Oh and villains of course, you can’t have super heroes without them. Along with their new beds their will be many changes. I’m going to do a full comic book wall, hang new art, get new bedding and a few other furniture changes here and there.

The twins room before:

Sorry, the images are not great. Boy has technology changed camera phones. I chose the boys curtain fabric because I thought this pattern could really be used at any age and could grow along with them as their room changes. I sure did love those little ugly dolls but the boys are in love with their new room and so am I.

Here is my inspiration:

It was so much creating their new space. Now keeping mind that all of this did not happen over night. The twin beds came first, then the comic book wall and I would add pictures and decorations here and there as I went along. Other pieces created in the room are the rustic shadow boxes with pictures, and recovered retro chair. I of course have plans for other add ons such as a night stand between their beds, string art with their names and custom toy boxes for the end of their beds. I know it seems like a lot but that’s what keeps me going. If I’m not creating or making something pretty I’m bored. The dressers were passed down from family and were refinished before they were born to match their cribs and I am still in love with them. So here are a few pictures of their room so far. Tell me what you think. How will you re-decorate your littles room when they are ready?

Comic Book Wall

What boy doesn’t want to be surrounded by super hero’s? My twins are obsessed with them. So when it came time to update their room from what used to be the nursery, I had to do something fun. I had seen an image years ago that had comic book pages as wallpaper and forgot about it until recently when I looked through a Pottery Barn catalog. Pottery Barn Kids does an amazing job of decorating the rooms in the catalogs. If you every need any ideas or inspiration that would be a good place to start.

This project was pretty easy but time consuming. Especially if you choose the largest wall in the room. All you need for your wall is comic books, Mod Podge (a lot) and a sponge brush to apply. I chose to use the Matte finish in the Mod Podge so that my pages had the same finish when in the comics. I first removed the staples from the comics and then cut them in half along the fold. I pulled out any pages I didn’t want to use and mixed all of the different comic pages together so that I would have different characters throughout out the wall. Yes, I mixed DC and Marvel together. My boys like them all, including Star Wars.

After the wall was clear of any dirt and cobwebs (eew), I started pasting the pages on the wall. I worked out from the center and towards the corners of the wall. I first used my brush to apply the Mod Podge to the wall and laid down and smoothed out my first page, making sure it was straight. Then I worked in small sections, slightly overlapping each page. After I had a good size section on the wall I went over all the pages with more Mod Podge.


So close to being done and the boys just couldn’t hang on any longer. One second they were playing and talking quietly and the next, they were in bed asleep.


The pages are newsprint, so they will naturally wave and curl up a bit. After the top coat dries most of that goes away. There were areas that I would have to go over again with the Mod Podge and smooth down with my fingers to make sure it was all smooth. If any large bubbles came up that wouldn’t go away on their own, I made small cuts with an exacto knife so that I could smooth the paper back down and then added more modge podge of course. Then section by section I finally had the majority of the wall covered and on to the edges where I had to cut the pages to fit the remaining wall space. So there you have it, an easy and inexpensive Super Hero wall. No project is complete with out a child posing in your final pics!